A life you could make a film out of…

Maradona in 1986, embarrasing some people who claimed to be defenders

… So they have done. From this Friday, cinema goers in Italy will be able to enjoy (or not) Maradona: The Hand of God, starring Marco Leonardi of Cinema Paradiso fame in the title role, and directed by Marco Risi. During the press conference in Rome to announce the film’s opening, Risi pointed out that ‘Of course, he took cocaine, but he didn’t occupy a position of government,’ so I think it’s safe to say the film won’t be overly critical. Still, there’s enough material in Maradona’s life so far to make several absolutely cracking flicks, although he does a good job of disguising the fact in his atrocious autobiography. Whether the film will ever hit English-speaking screens (or even Argentine ones) hasn’t yet been mentioned, but it may well be going to the next Cannes Film Festival, apparently.

3 thoughts on “A life you could make a film out of…

  1. Of course it doesn’t matter if he snored coke or a entire package of flavour! He was one of the best players EVER! So, it won’t be critical. I guess it’ll be a way to show a part of his best moments as a player. Cheers!

  2. Terrible shame that he just can’t beat his demons. He brought me so many tears of joy over the years, i wish he would find the strength to pull himself out.

    Fuerza Maestro!

  3. Fortunately Maradona isn’t back to using cocaine again. But addictive personalities when they are denied one of their addictions usually turn to something else to get hooked on.

    For his own sake hopefully Maradona can get the help he needs.

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