Copa Libertadores final – first leg lineups

The first leg of the 2007 Copa Libertadores final is just one hour away. Grêmio’s plane into Buenos Aires was cancelled due to heavy fog (the same conditions which plagued last week’s semi-final second leg against Cúcuta) so they arrived a day late, but they’re in the stadium now. Boca’s starting lineup is as shown yesterday, with their bench consisting of Pablo Migliore, Matías Silvestre, Jesús Dátolo, Guillermo Marino, Sebastián Battaglia, Mauro Boselli and Bruno Marioni. For Grêmio’s, read on.

Grêmio starting XI vs. Boca Juniors, 2007 Copa Libertadores final first leg (managed by Mano Menezes):

Sebastián Saja

Patrício — William — Teco — Lucio

Sandro Goiano — Diego Gavilan — Diego Souza — Carlos Eduardo

Tcheco —- Tuta


Rolando Schiavi
Márcio Amoroso

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