A minor change

Eagle-eyed regular readers will have noticed in the last 24 hours that the site’s banner has changed slightly, and those with even sharper powers of observation will also have clocked a change in the address bar. Eventually, this means you’ll have to change your favourites entry for the site – but not for a good while yet.

Put simply, the change from Hasta Lo Gol Siempre to Hasta El Gol Siempre is being made in order that the site’s title actually… y’know… makes some sense. My ‘dog Spanish’ when I came up with the site was slightly ill-informed and now, four months on, seemed as good a time as any to put it right. The ‘Lo’ will remain in the title bar until the weekend, to give those of you who don’t take change easily a chance to adjust a little.

The old address will continue to work until at least next March (and hastaelgolsiempre.wordpress.com will continue working indefinitely), by redirecting to the new one, which if you want to update your favourites, is: http://hastaelgolsiempre.com. A new email address is also now in operation – sam@hastaelgolsiempre.com.


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