Boca 3 – 0 Grêmio – the goals

The goals from Boca’s 3-0 victory over Grêmio in last night’s first leg of the Copa Libertadores final are online now and available right here, courtesy of our friends at GolesTV…

Palacio: Boca 1 – 0 Grêmio (19th min)

Riquelme: Boca 2 – 0 Grêmio (73rd min)

Ledesma: Boca 3 – 0 Grêmio (89th min)


One thought on “Boca 3 – 0 Grêmio – the goals

  1. Good team Boca has this year all thanks to one Juan Ramon Riquelme, however, the first goal was of an offside and the third a foul was commited on the goal keeper. Still Boca deserve to win.

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