Coming or going?

Ernesto ‘Tecla‘ Farías must be feeling a little disorientated right now. In the last few days he’s flown from Buenos Aires to Toluca in Mexico, then back to Buenos Aires, and on Monday he touched down in Oporto in Portugal. Whilst in Toluca, he’d found the time to apparently sign for the local club, newly managed by José Pekerman, but had gone back on a verbal agreement to do so after it became quickly apparent that his wife, owing to health problems, wasn’t going to be able to live at the 2,800 metre altitude of the city.

Oporto, however, is right by the sea, so that’s unlikely to be a problem, and everyone will be happy (except Toluca president Rafael Lebrija), because River will get an extra cash boost from Farías’s switch to Portugese champions Porto – €4 million, where Toluca were only offering US$4 million. For the exchange-rate-illiterate, that’s an extra US$1.2 mill going River’s way.

Farías has signed a four-year contract and will be team-mate to fellow Argentines Lisandro López, Mariano González and Lucho González – although in the case of the latter probably not for long because Valencia just keep offering Porto more money for him…

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