Close to the edge, and eternal youth

Ricardo La Volpe is probably feeling pretty glad right now that he slept on his immediate feelings after Sunday’s thrashing at the hands of River Plate. The Vélez boss revealed on Thursday that he came very close, after the 5-0 defeat in the Monumental, to resigning, even communicating his thoughts to the club’s board. In the event, he stayed on and has gained more trust with Wednesday’s decent 1-0 win over Diego Simeone’s Estudiantes.

Someone else who just can’t give up has made headlines as well – but then when Diego Maradona sneezes, it’s headline news in Argentina. El Diez has, according to a Colombian doctor, travelled to Bogotá to undergo a high-tech anti-ageing treatment.

For two weeks, Maradona’s doctors have been insisting that the trip was in fact only due to take in cosmetic dental treatment, but it’s now been revealed that, since the 24th August, he’s been undergoing more, which includes ‘a facial rejuvination treatment, a detoxicating programme, and a therapy for organ regeneration.’ Detoxicating? Diego Maradona? That might take you a while, gentlemen…

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