Something fishy

Someone’s telling fibs, and it might be a little while before the end of this particular tale is reached. Pablo Marini, who on Monday announced his resignation from the manager’s job at Newell’s due in large parts to threats that were made to him in the dressing room after the match by members of the club’s barra brava, was interviewed by Olé on Wednesday. The interview, in which Marini’s answers are reproduced in full, make for interesting reading. Not least because Marini claims that those threats, and the argument they formed a part of, never took place.

‘There wasn’t any aggression, there was no intent of aggression, there were no guns, there were no threats, no players intervened,’ Marini claimed. When asked by Olé‘s interviewer why the five eyewitnesses who talked about the attacks would lie about such a thing, he could only answer, ‘I don’t know. I’ve told you what happened. And when I was [in the dressing room, where the attack was said to have happened] I saw absolutely nobody. And the players didn’t intervene in anything.’

Olé continued to press. Whilst Marini repeated that there were no more than two or three barras in the dressing room with him, and that their discussion never escalated into violence, the interviewer pointed out that between the press room (where Marini had been before the incident) and the changing rooms was an open area where around 20 or so fans (according again to those eyewitnesses) were gathered. After a passage of questioning which appeared to have Marini all but directly contradicting what had been said a couple of days previously, he snapped: ‘Are you calling me a liar?’

The journalist’s response was that he’d been told to ask whatever he wanted, and write down Marini’s answers. And those answers, curious as they are, left him with one impression: that Pablo Marini is very afraid. Of what exactly, who knows?

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