The reconquest

One-hundred-and-ninety-one years after declaring independence from Spain, Argentina suddenly finds itself very much directing proceedings – at least as far as some of La Liga‘s leading clubs are concerned. After Leo Messi’s superb show for Barcelona on Saturday night, both Madrid clubs found themselves relying on contributions from Argentines.

Real Madrid stumbled and lost their 100% record after only managing a 1-1 draw away to newly-promoted Valladolid, with former River forward Javier Saviola coming off the bench to grab a late equaliser and cancel out Pedro López’s earlier strike for the hosts. Atlético, meanwhile, demolished Racing de Santander 4-0 with Sergio Agüero taking the plaudits and claiming a headed goal to top a performance that suggests he might be able to put the indifference of last season behind him, and carry his Under 20 World Cup form into the new domestic term. El Kun‘s fellow former Independiente striker, Uruguayan Diego Forlán, also scored.

3 thoughts on “The reconquest

  1. I thought that Milito also had a good game for a below par Barca (gracias al Dio that Sevilla were much worse), though I only saw part of the match. You obviously had a better view.

    Incidentally, the idea that Messi is currently the best player in the world is FINALLLY getting some traction here in the land that believes Paolo Maldini deserved at least three Balons d’Or. It will be interesting to see how widely that may spread among the unfortunately parochial Italian press.

  2. Indeed he did Ursus, and Spanish TV packages are such that I’ve still yet to see a decent replay of Kanouté’s goal. From where my cousin and I were sitting (right at the top of the stand behind the goal Kanouté scored in, as you can see from the photo I linked to of Messi’s penalty), it looked an absolute mile offside. But both Márquez and Milito looked very good, to the extent that captain Puyol might be sweating on his place a bit…

  3. Carles plays when Carles says he is ready to play. It is much easier to drop Ronaldinho.

    I’m glad to hear that Marquez played well; he has been struggling.

    The television situation continues to be a complete mess, especially for those of us outside of Spain.

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