El Bigot-gone

Well, you should know by now that you don’t come to this site for brilliant headlines. Ricardo La Volpe left Boca at the end of last year’s Apertura amid accusations that the players didn’t have a clue what he was wittering on about during tactical talks. And after a bright start with Vélez, he’s now on his way, courtesy of a final push on Sunday from the team he was managing to a spectacular implosion just eleven months ago.

Boca’s 4-0 victory over Vélez on Sunday afternoon proved too much for the already under-pressure boss to continue, and he met with his players on Tuesday at midday to break the news to them that he wouldn’t be continuing. ‘I took the decision after the defeat to Boca,’ La Volpe told the press. ‘I remained free of any interference from the directors, who are great people.’ An amicable parting, then.

Where La Volpe will go next isn’t yet clear – will he return to Mexico to join his compatriot managers José Pekerman and César Luis Menotti? Will he look for another challenge in Argentina? With his contract only having been terminated a few weeks early – he was due to go free at the end of the Apertura anyway – it’s probable that El Bigotón has a clearer idea than anyone else.

Former Argentina Under-2o boss Hugo Tocalli is the favourite to replace La Volpe in Liniers, according to the early media guesses.


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