On his way?

Diego Simeone is one of the favourites to take charge of River Plate at the end of the current campaign, and his words today didn’t stop those rumours for a second. El Cholo has given the Estudiantes directors an ultimatum: give me the squad I want, or I’m off.

Simeone wants four reinforcements, as well as contract renewels for Juan Sebastián Verón and Sebastián Dominguez. And he wants them by the 1st January, or else. Or else what? ‘It will be impossible to begin the pre-season,’ he threatened. When asked about River, he replied, ‘nobody’s spoken to me.’ Deadpanning? Using the Millonarios‘ managerial vacancy to get what he wants from his board (as some claimed Ramón Díaz did at San Lorenzo last week)? Or really thinking of walking out? We shall see…


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