Apertura ’07: Round 19 fixtures (well, some of them)

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No, don’t worry, regular readers. You haven’t missed out on a week of your lives without noticing. To accomodate Boca Juniors’ upcoming Club World Championship campaign, which starts in Japan just ten days after they had been due to play the final match of the season, the two 19th round matches involving the three championship challengers are being played on Wednesday. Some English-language websites have been getting rather confused about exactly which matches are taking place on Wednesday, and which round they correspond to – so, pay attention now.

I’ve kept the numbering of the dates this way round for the simple reason that the Argentine press are also referring to this as the ’19th round’, and thus bilingual readers who want to look the dates up on Spanish-language sites needn’t be confused. In other words, I’m not applying common sense because the Argentines aren’t. These are the first two matches of the 19th round. The 18th will follow at the weekend, and the remaining matches of the 19th round will come a week after that. That makes perfect sense, surely?

Tigre boss Diego Cagna’s pleas for the two matches to be played simultaneously seem to have been ignored by the AFA, although don’t be too surprised if they end up changing their minds on the day itself.

So, without further ado, this week’s two final-round-but-really-penultimate matches, both to be played on Wednesday 28th November, are:

Tigre vs. Boca Juniors (Weds, 18:00)

Lanús vs. Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (Weds, 20:10)

Kickoff times, as ever, are local – add three hours for Greenwich Mean Time.

The situation is thus: If Tigre don’t beat Boca, then Lanús will clinch the title with a win over Gimnasia. If Tigre do beat Boca, or if they don’t but Lanús (somehow) fail to beat Gimnasia, it’ll go down to the final weekend. No, wait, I mean the penultimate weekend. Because of course this is the final weekend. Despite not being the final match, and it being Wednesday. Does anyone else have a headache?

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