Copa Sudamericana 2007 – the buildup to the final

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The first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final is almost upon us. Arsenal de Sarandí have been in Mexico for a few days now, where on Friday night they’ll take on Club América in the first leg. Their mission: to get a decent enough result that they’ll have a chance in the second leg of claiming a first ever trophy – and bringing the Copa back to South America after Pachuca (also of Mexico) last year became the first club to win a title from a different continental federation.

For the biggest match in his club’s 50 year history, Arsenal manager Gustavo Alfaro is keeping faith with the starting eleven who, on Sunday, helped Boca on their way out of the race for the Apertura. On Thursday in the Campo Deportivo Municipal de Cuernavaca the starters played one half against ten subs plus reserve coach Carlos González. Tomorrow night, they’ll be taking on one of the world’s most-supported clubs in the mythical Estadio Azteca. 23 Arsenal fans have made the 5,900-mile journey. 100,000 América sympathisers will be present.

Arsenal’s starting XI for tomorrow night’s first leg, then, assuming no injuries tomorrow, will be:


Gandolfi —- Mosquera —- Matellán —- Díaz

Villar —- Casteglione —- San Martín —- Yacuzzi

Gómez —- Calderón


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