América 2 – 3 Arsenal: the goals

For those who missed them last night, or want to enjoy them again, the goals from Arsenal’s astonishing away victory in the Azteca over Club América for the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final are now online, and thanks to our friends at GolesTV, you can see them right here – just read on.

Club América de México 2 – 3 Arsenal de Sarandí (Estadio Azteca, Copa Sudamericana final first leg)


3 thoughts on “América 2 – 3 Arsenal: the goals

  1. Sam, are you sure this match was played in the Azteca?

    It really doesn ‘t look like it at all. The stands are much closer to the pitch and not as high or deep.

    Televisa may have renovated the stadium, but this just looks very different from the ground we all know so well.

  2. Si, si.

    I checked America’s website after I made that comment, and they say the same thing.

    It just looks completely different than it did in the 90s (let alone in 1986).

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