That Monday feeling

Some people love Mondays, and others hate them. Oh, alright, so everyone hates them. But this wasn’t just any Monday for Ramón Cabrero, the ‘father’ of a young Lanús team who’ve swept all before them in winning a thrilling Apertura to finally give the club’s cleaning lady a reason to take a duster to that bare shelf in the corner marked ‘trophies’. It’s not all smiles, though – Racing have parted company with their boss, Gustavo Costas.

Spaniard Cabrero, who became, the instant the referee blew for full-time at La Bombonera, Lanús’s all-time most successful manager, gave a lap of Lanús’s stadium as the team paraded the trophy, to chants of, ‘stay, Ramón!’ from the fans, eager to show their gratitude after the boss revealed that if job offers come in from abroad, he’s got a clause in his contract allowing him to consider them. But, ‘I won’t go in January or February, once I’ve started [the new season],’ he assured fans. ‘If I’m still here then, I’ll be staying until June.’

June is when his contract ends, and it seems unlikely Lanús will be able to afford to extend it, with rumours which Cabrero refused to deny that he’s been approached by Spanish strugglers Real Betis, who sacked their Argentine manager Héctor Cuper on Sunday. Clearly not standing still, then, but he’s earned the right to bask in the glory of a hugely impressive title win.

Gustavo Costas, meanwhile… well, perhaps the kindest way of putting it is to say that Gustavo Costas hasn’t earned that right. Having replaced Reinaldo Merlo earlier in the season, he handed in his resignation to Racing’s directors on Monday, after another disastrous campaign for the club, and his own stretched-to-breaking-point relationship with the board, had combined to make his position untenable. The farcical spectacle of an eight-man team having rings run round them by Huracán after seeing three men sent off on Saturday was the final straw. For the time being, Miguel Micó, the current youth team coach, will take charge of the preparations for the year’s final match against Colón.

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