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My initial intention was to post this last night, but illness put paid to that, so apologies to anyone who got excited when reading about the return of this feature on Sunday’s post. Primeras C and D were still in action on the weekend of the 15th December, so step this way for the results from those matches, as well as an update on which teams are doing how well in all the divisions below Primera A…

Primera División C, nineteenth round
Sacachispas 1 – 0 Barracas Central
Villa Dálmine 0 – 0 Luján
Excursionistas 0 – 0 Fénix
Argentino de Merlo 1 – 3 Colegiales
El Porvenir 2 – 2 Cañuelas
J.J. de Urquiza 1 – 0 Sportivo Dock Sud
Leandro N. Alem 2 – 1 San Martín de Burzaco
San Miguel 1 – 1 General Lamadrid
Deportivo Laferrere 2 – 2 Villa San Carlos
Sportivo Barracas Bolívar 4 – 1 Argentino de Rosario

Primera División D, eighteenth round
Juventud Unida 1 – 1 F.C. Midland
Atlas 1 – 2 Defensores Unidos de Zárate
Claypole 2 – 2 Yupanqui
Berazategui 4 – 0 Deportivo Paraguayo
Puerto Nuevo 1 – 2 Atlético Lugano
Deportivo Riestra 0 – 0 Victoriano Arenas
Liniers 1 – 1 Argentino de Quilmes
Ituzaingó 2 – 0 Deportivo Muñiz
F.C. Urquiza 1 – 0 Central Ballester

With B Nacional and Primera B having broken up for the summer already, then, the mid-season break is now underway in all divisions of the Argentine league. In Nacional B, San Martín de Tucumán lead the way on 35 points, two ahead of both Quilmes and Chacarita Juniors. Almirante Brown are on 31 and two of last season’s relegated sides, Godoy Cruz and Nueva Chicago, are on 29 each. At the bottom, Sportivo Ben Hur are on 16, Instituto de Córdoba 18, and both Defensa y Justicia and Almagro have 20. Click here if you want to see the full table (columns are points – played – won – drawn – lost – scored – conceded – goal difference).

In Primera B, All Boys are on top having lost just 2 of their 21 matches, with 42 points. Sportivo Italiano have 40, Atlanta and Los Andes 38 each, and Comunicaciones complete the top 5 with 32. Deportivo Merlo are bottom, with 12 points and only one win, Defensores de Cambeceres have 13, Defensores de Belgrano 15, and Brown de Adrogué and San Telmo are both on 17. Click here for the table.

Colegiales top Primera C, on 37, with Barracas Central following up a point behind. Fénix, Leandro N. Alem and El Porvenir all have 33. Sportivo Dock Sud are bottom on 12, whilst San Martín de Burzaco and Argentino de Rosario are on 15 each. Here’s the table.

In Primera D, Berazategui have 37, Defensores Unidos de Zárate 35, Midland 34, and Argentino de Quilmes and Deportivo Riestra 32 are both on 32. Two Club Deportivos – Muñiz and Paraguayo – are the only sides in any of the professional divisions yet to break double figures, with 7 and 9 points respectively, with Puerto Nuevo on 12 and Yupanqui on 15. There’s then a seven point jump to Claypole and Juventud Unida on 22 each, but with half the season still to come, who knows what could happen? Click here to see the table.

In Argentino A, the zonal groups are currently lead by Atlético Tucumán (group A) on 38 points; Unión de Sunchales (group B) with 35, and Real Arroyo Seco (group C) on 26. Top of their groups in Argentino B, meanwhile, are Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero (group A) with 21 points; Crucero del Norte de Posadas and Patronato de Paraná (group B) both with 26; Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza (group C) with 26; La Emilia de San Nicolás (group D) with 28; El Linqueño de Lincoln (group E) with 32, and Deportivo Roca (group F) with 27. If you want to see the tables, click here for Argentino A, and here for Argentino B.


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