Copa Libertadores 2008: the draw

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The draw for the 2008 Copa Libertadores – with Santander taking over from Toyota as title sponsor – took place in Asunción on Wednesday, and Argentina will have six representatives in the tournament – River Plate, Boca Juniors, San Lorenzo and Estudiantes all qualify automatically from the 2006-2007 season, whilst Lanús and Arsenal de Sarandí go into the qualifying rounds. For the full draw, read on…

If there’s no country given after a club name, it means they’re Argentine, silly.

Not all countries have finished the tournaments relevant to deciding who they’ll be entering into the competition yet.
1) Olmedo (Ecuador) vs. Lanús
2) Cruzeiro (Brazil) vs. Cerro Porteño (Paraguay)
3) Arsenal de Sarandí vs. Mineros de Guyana (Venezuela)
4) 3rd Mexican qualifier vs. 3rd Bolivian qualifier
5) Cienciano (Peru) vs. Montevideo Wanderers (Uruguay)
6) 3rd Colombian qualifier vs. Audax Italiano (Chile)

Group 1
San Lorenzo de Almagro
Real Potosí (Bolivia)
Caracas (Venezuela)
Qualifier 2 (Cruzeiro or Cerro Porteño)

Group 2
Estudiantes de La Plata
Danubio (Uruguay)
Deportivo Cuenca (Ecuador)
Qualifier 1 (Olmedo or Lanús)

Group 3
Boca Juniors
Colo Colo (Chile)
Maracaibo (Venezuela)
Qualifier 4 (3rd qualifier from either Mexico or Colombia)

Group 4
Flamengo (Brazil)
Nacional (Uruguay)
Coronel Bolognesi (Peru)
Qualifier 5 (Cienciano or Montevideo Wanderers)

Group 5
River Plate
2nd Chilean qualifier
San Martín (Peru)
2nd Mexican qualifier

Group 6
Santos (Brazil)
San José (Bolivia)
2nd Colombian qualifier
Chivas de Guadalajara (Mexico)

Group 7
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Sportivo Luqueño (Paraguay)
Atlético Nacional (Colombia)
Qualifier 6 (3rd Colombian qualifier or Audax Italiano)

Group 8
Fluminense (Brazil)
Libertad (Paraguay)
Liga de Quito (Ecuador)
Qualifier 3 (Arsenal or Mineros de Guyana)

The qualifiers will begin on the 30th January, although exactly which qualifiers will be played on which dates doesn’t appear (from the CONMEBOL website) to have been worked out just yet.

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