Russo leaves Boca

In the last hour or so, it’s been confirmed that Miguel Angel Russo has parted company with Boca Juniors, leaving the club’s managerial post vacant. Earlier in the day, the Boca board had taken the decision to sack Russo’s two assistants, Marcelo Trobbiani and Guillermo Cinquetti (assistant coach and physical trainer, respectively), as a condition of extending Russo’s contract following the disappointment of losing to Milan in Sunday’s Club World Cup Final.

Such a barely disguised move was hardly going to encourage the manager to sign the contract he was offered, and he took the decision to leave the club during a meeting with Boca president Pedro Pompilio, who’s not yet in the job two weeks and has already managed to get rid of a manager in a ridiculously clumsy and barefaced way. The sacked Trobbiani had already wondered, back in June, why the board (then led by Mauricio Macri) didn’t extend Russo’s contract immediately after winning the Copa Libertadores. Don’t ask awkward questions…

Carlos Bianchi has already ruled himself out of the race to be Russo’s successor, insisting he won’t return to Boca for now, so whilst Gabriel Batistuta’s name has also been mentioned, the focus has shifted to former playing legend Jorge Ribolzi, who won plenty of trophies with Boca as a player in the ’70s, and is now working with the national team. Of course, this is Boca, and there’ll be plenty of other names thrown into the hat in the coming days…

4 thoughts on “Russo leaves Boca

  1. Apparently Maradona has said he wont be happy with Boca if they appoint Bianchi as manager. He said he will stay away from games, or something like that, my spanish isnt great.

    “Si viene Bianchi, yo me voy a mi casa” – Diego A Maradona

  2. Too bad about all this public laundering of Boca’s ropas sucio(forgive my horrible spanish). I fear for Boca’s future without Macri in charge daily. I suggest they hire Bianchi and tell Maradona to hit the road. How many freakin’ bosses can one club have ?

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