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A couple of days after Estudiantes, Gimnasia and Huracán appointed their new bosses, Boca have decided to get in on the act, and will be announcing Carlos Ischia as their new boss at 8pm on Wednesday. It’s an unusual situation, not only because the majority of Boca’s fans would probably rather not have Ischia, but also because a former (but not the most recent) Boca boss was the man whose word put Ischia into the frame.

Carlos Bianchi was asked by Boca’s board if he fancied the job and replied in the negative, but recommended Ischia, ‘El Pelado‘, instead. Ischia did some great work a few years ago in charge of the youth sides at Vélez Sársfield when Bianchi was managing the Liniers side, but hasn’t really been tested at first-team management level before. He’s already agreed the makeup of his backroom staff and contract details with the Boca board, and although his official presentation to the press is still three days off, Carlos Ischia has already effectively begun his management of Boca Juniors.

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