A mixed day in Avellaneda

Bronca at Racing

2006 World Cup Final referee Horacio Elizondo took charge on Thursday of the AFA’s new Refereeing Training committee, which replaces the previous ‘School of Referees’. But the real news came in Avellaneda, where Racing are in the headlines after yet another fans’ protest against their regime, and Independiente are rather happier with themselves – or at least, may soon have cause to be.

Around 200 Racing fans marched oto just utside the main entrance of the AFA headquarters on Thursday evening to protest against the board of their club and demand that the AFA call for an end to the ‘business-management’ of the club and a return to the member-elected president system present in the country’s other clubs. For those who’ve forgotten or aren’t aware of the back story, you’ll find it here (along with an hilariously out-of-date chapter of the Juan Román Riquelme transfer saga).

The march had begun outside Blanquiceleste chairman (and therfore de facto Racing president) Fernando De Tomaso’s office at around 5pm, and reached its final destination at around 6:45. It’s important to note that it passed entirely peacefully – the barra brava of the club don’t appear to be involved, even though they as much as anyone have lost out through Blanquiceleste’s running of the club. Javier Oyuela, one of the organisers of the march, explained that; ‘We want an end to the [institution’s] management, we want to have the club’s accounts opened and to hold elections for a president.’ The club’s accounts have been closed to fans since Blanquiceleste’s takeover saved Racing from bankruptcy in 2001.

Independiente, meanwhile, had a bit more of a smile on their faces after hearing that Chilean striker Humberto Suazo’s transfer from Monterrey has been approved by the Mexican club’s president. ‘We’ve confirmed to them on the telephone that we’ve accepted the conditions that had been agreed with the player’s representatives,’ confirmed Jorge Urdiales. He didn’t reveal any more details, because in the coming days Suazo has to travel from Santiago de Chile back to Monterrey to sort out the relevant bits of official paper. When he’ll be unveiled, then, we can’t yet say, but he’s an Independiente player in all but signature.

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