New year downtime

On Saturday I’m off to Manchester for a few days to see in the new year with some friends, so the site may well not be updated for a few days. I’ll return on the 2nd January, and when I do HEGS will be kicking off 2008 in earnest. For now, however, I’d just like to wish everyone reading who uses the western calendar (the majority of readers, this being an Anglophone site) a happy and safe new year, and don’t forget to rejoin us when you’re done celebrating it.

By the start of the Clausura I’ll have added the Promedio relegation table to the tables page, and of course January will also see the Torneo de Verano and the start of the Copa Libertadores qualifiers before the Clausura begins in February. Following an inevitable slight slump during my September – October jaunt round Spain, December has been the most-read month so far on HEGS, and I want to keep improving the site further. If you’ve got any suggestions, as always, drop me a line – and I’ll see you back here next week if I can’t post any items before then.


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