The trouble worsens at Racing

More bad news for fans of La Academia. Racing fans’ favourite Claudio ‘Piojo‘ López spoke to Miguel Rosello, director of football at Blanquiceleste, the enterprise which controls the club, and told him that he wants to rescind his contract. It’s another blow for Blanquiceleste’s hold on the club following Thursday’s protest from the fans.

Nothing has yet been made official, but Olé call it ‘virtually a fact’ that López won’t play another game for the club he loves so much. Although manager Miguel Micó insists he’s one of the most important players in the team, it seems the recent goings-on at the Avellaneda giants have disillusioned El Piojo sufficiently for him to walk out. Although there are rumours of contract offers from MLS in the States and from Mexican clubs, the strongest indications, according to Olé, are that he’ll retire altogether from football.

It’s the latest blow to Blanquiceleste, who are in conflicts with other squad members over unpaid wages. El Gráfico report that one player (unnamed) returned to his flat following Christmas celebrations, and was unable to get into his own home. The landlord had changed the locks after the player had been unable to pay his rent for four months due to Blanquiceleste failing to deliver his wagepacket.

One course of salvation for Blanquiceleste might be at hand – Fernando Jaite, brother of tennis player Martín, is rumoured to be readying himself to be named as a consultant to the holding company. He’s got contacts at government level which could prove very useful in sorting out what is clearly a very sticky financial situation. The other solution – getting rid of the directors and returning Racing to a more stable ownership model – would be undoubtedly more traumatic in the short term, but it’s what the fans want and, who knows, maybe they’ve got a point…

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