Solari to Olimpo!

Well, it pays to have an attention-grabbing headline. No, the Internazionale striker hasn’t decided to pack in his Italian career in order to help the Aurinegro out with their relegation battle. But his little brother, the generous soul, has done exactly that. David Solari becomes Olimpo’s first summer reinforcement. League champions Lanús, meanwhile, are still hoping to hang on to what they’ve got…

Solari junior rose through the Independiente youth ranks a couple of years ago before being transferred to Venezia and from there to Chioggia Sottomarina of Italy’s Serie D. Finding Europe less accomodating than expected at the age of just 20, though, he’s come home and now joins Olimpo to help their playoff battle. In an interview with Olé in 2007 he described himself as a forward who likes to cut in from wide positions, though he didn’t at that time mind playing more centrally if required. What he does right now, of course, is of more relevance to the Bahía Blanca club.

Lanús, meanwhile, still haven’t sold Diego Valeri to anyone, but it’s looking more and more like David Solari’s elder brother will be one of his new team-mates at Inter. Valeri’s got a tough life at the moment: aged 21, he’d just married his girlfriend of seven years (‘I know I’m young but] it makes no difference to me whether I marry her now or in ten years’ time, because I know she’s the woman of my life’), and then Javier Zanetti, the captain of the Italian champions, invited Valeri to play on his side in a charity match he’d set up, and took the playmaker to one side to inform him that he’d recommended him to club president Massimo Moratti.

‘Like the majority of this squad, I’d love to play in the Copa Libertadores with Lanús,’ Valeri enthused on Friday. ‘Fundamentally, because it means something unique that the club has never managed before. What’s more this squad, with Ramón [Cabrero] at the head, has claimed an historical place at the club, having qualified twice running for the Copa Sudamericana. And now we’ve got the chance to do something at an international level as well as domestically. That point was a huge attraction in keeping me at Lanús.’

It seems, then, that Valeri’s staying for now, at least provided he has a say in the matter (because if Inter or any other European side make them a financial offer they can’t refuse, the club will simply have to accept), and seems to be setting his sights on moving to Europe at the end of our northern-hemisphere season rather than during the January window. He accepts, however, that if a concrete offer came in from a huge European club before then, he’d be a fool not to consider it at least. For now, though, he seems content to believe the words Zanetti impressed upon him during their brief chat: ‘Some day, our paths are going to cross in Europe…’

8 thoughts on “Solari to Olimpo!

  1. David, it seems the Olé report this story was taken from (if anyone wonders why so many stories seem to be from reports in Olé, by the way, it’s because their website is updated far more frequently throughout the day than any other Argentine paper) is rather a big cock-up. The Olimpo website is now reporting something somewhat different, closer to what you’ve got in mind…

  2. I don’t know anything about this Solari aside from what the guys in Oaxaca told me (he’s fantastic, etc.), but I do know that Pumas have one of the best uniforms ever. What a great idea to put a giant puma face on the front of a soccer jersey! I bet Solari will miss wearing that.

  3. We shall see, Ferg, but I’m afraid that for the most part, I’ve got to plead ignorance on this one. It’s not easy keeping tabs on the Argentines in Mexico (where Emanuel Villa’s been signed from, having just left José Pekerman’s Tecos), but just over a goal every three games will be a good return if he can repeat it with Derby.

    He’s played for Huracán, Atlético Rafaela and Central before moving to Atlas and then to Tecos in Mexico. That’s about all I’ve been able to find on him I’m afraid – his Spanish-language Wiki entry doesn’t even give a date of birth…

  4. There’s been essentially no detailed discussion of Valeri coming to Inter in the Italian papers (they are about to sign Maniche and the other speculation has focused on Maresca and Barone), so I am pretty sure that this is at best a summer transfer.

    Sam, have you read anything in Argentine sources about the latest with Carizzo? He’s been in Italy, but reportedly that has been at the request of the police in Piemonte, who believe that the documents he used to claim Italian citizenship were forged (gee, where could have gotten that idea from?). There are reports here that he was formally interviewed by the police earlier this week, and while Lazio continue to insist that it is all a misunderstanding, it seems inceasingly unlikely that he is going to be turning out in sky blue this season.

  5. Ursus, I’ve not been able to find anything on Carrizo’s situation, though it’s hardly a shock to me. The ‘Italy’ story in the sports sections today has been the (alleged) theft of various items from Diego Maradona’s museum in Naples…

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