A bad morning

It wasn’t the best of mornings for Independiente’s star striker Germán Denis. The leading goalscorer of the Apertura was jogging in a Mar Del Plata park with his team-mates, warming up for an open training session on the side’s first day in the city, when he felt a most unwelcome sensation in his shorts. All of which made it a good day for Racing fans, because as well as their rivals’ leading scorer being put in pain, their own side have suddenly taken a turn for the better.

No, one of the country’s most lethal finishers hasn’t suddenly developed a bowel complaint, amusing as that story would have been. What Denis felt was a set of dog’s teeth sinking into his backside. Ouch. The dog – a German Shepherd, appropriately enough – had been let off its leash by its owner, who when Denis approached him to tell him what had happened turned out to be an elderly man. Whether he was a Racing fan hasn’t been reported. Denis himself hasn’t had any ill effects – it seems the bite can’t have been very deep.

Independiente’s rivals Racing, meanwhile, are on the way to Salta having finally been paid the money they were owed by Blanquiceleste, the holding company who run the club. And there’s more good news for manager Miguel Micó: Martín Romagnoli has signed a new contract and will continue at the club for another year. Gustavo Cabral, however, didn’t travel; the centre-back will move to River Plate later in the week, the latest of Diego Simeone’s new signings in Núñez.

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