Another look at the start of the year

Following the piece Pitch Invasion published by me earlier in the week, the excellent Soccer Lens have been kind enough to feature another article by me. The Pitch Invasion piece dealt largely with Racing - this one looks at Vélez's good start to the Clausura, and the mixed beginnings Argentine sides have enjoyed in the... Continue Reading →

Los Borrachos are at it again

Sadly familiar scenes in Retiro. Two hours before Wednesday night's Copa Libertadores match between River Plate and Club América, the internal squabble enveloping River's barra brava, Los Borrachos del Tablón, blew up yet again at the train station in the northern barrio, and a man was hospitalised. The fight was between two of the factions... Continue Reading →

Racing away from success

The kind folk at Pitch Invasion have published another of my musings, this time on the opening weeks of the Clausura and Racing's truly terrible start to the year. 'Micó isn't to blame - he only came in after Gustavo Costas left in December – and nor are most of his players. Aside from the... Continue Reading →

A word in his ear

Pedro Troglio's been talking too much. He's been upsetting some people who have a lot of influence over his continued wellbeing and, on Wednesday, the Independiente manager had a visit from some gentlemen who sat him down and told him, quietly but firmly, that he'd better shut up if he knows what's best for him. It's... Continue Reading →

Back to the future

Pedro Pompilio's time as Boca Juniors president is over. For now. The General Inspection of Justice, which had been looking into the executive committee's decision to ratify Pompilio as Mauricio Macri's successor, ruled late on Tuesday that without elections, there could be no change of president, so the title reverts to Macri, now Mayor of... Continue Reading →

Nothing to see here…

The first all-Argentine fixture of Copa Libertadores Group 2 was played on Tuesday evening in La Plata, and it wasn't the most thrilling of spectacles. Estudiantes hosted Lanús and, after the high-scoring shenanigans of both sides in the league on Friday, we might have been forgiven for licking our lips in anticipation of a goalfest.... Continue Reading →

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