Happy birthday to HEGS!

HEGS wallpaper 1

It doesn’t seem like it, but Sunday marks one year since Hasta El Gol Siempre was born (under a slightly different name). The site’s come a long way in twelve months, and there’s a long way still to go, and of course birthdays mean presents – so here’s one from me to you: a free wallpaper. Read on for details…

If you’ve paid attention to the user avatars in the ‘recent comments’ sidebar widget, or to the HEGS Flickr pool logo, you’ll be familar now with the work of genius in which I’ve slightly re-shaped Che Guevara’s hat, and stuck it on a picture of Diego Maradona. I like to call it the ‘Maravara’, and it gives a small pointer to anyone who hasn’t yet picked up on the extraordinarily clever and witty title of this site. The birthday background features the HEGS logo and motto laid over the civil ensign of Argentina.

The image above is a small version of what the wallpaper looks like – for the full-sized file, click here, then just right-click on the image with your mouse and select ‘set as background’. Needless to say, if any of your friends are round whilst your computer’s on, and want to know where you found such a stunning background, please don’t be shy about telling them.

Of course, now I’ve given you your present, I also want to thank everyone who’s commented on the articles, followed the links to the other sites I’ve written stuff for, emailed me with your thoughts and generally made running the site such a pleasant experience.

A massive thanks go to our [FIFA-speak warning] ‘media partners’ at GolesTV, without whom the weekend reviews wouldn’t be anywhere near as enjoyable to read through (or as simple to put together), as well as to Pitch Invasion for treating me like someone who knows what I’m writing about, not to mention Soccer Source and the now sadly dormant Extra Football for the same. Also to The Offside and their related World Cup Blog, who I have yet to write anything for, but who have been very frequent and supportive with their plugging of the site, without any prompting whatsoever (honest). Oh, and there’s Lionel Messi’s official website, whose webmaster had the good grace to give me the dignity of a friendly response, a quote and a photo to use when I informed him that Lio had won last year’s ‘Best Argentine Player in a League Outside Argentina’ award. Finally, a belated thanks to World Club Rankings, who on new year’s day paid me the slightly baffling – but very generous indeed – compliment of naming Hasta El Gol Siempre the fifth best football blog the author had seen anywhere on the internet.

And not forgetting the sadly missed Voice Of Football, of course, who got me started with the whole concept of writing about football in Argentina.

All of you, whether you’re other websites sending readers my way, or the feed aggregators who get confused between leagues and thus give my hits an absolutely massive boost if I write a story about a football club called Arsenal, or the most important ones – the readers – thank you, and do stay with me for another year, you’re most welcome.

7 thoughts on “Happy birthday to HEGS!

  1. Congratulations on your first year. Here’s hoping there are many more birthdays for HEGS to come and of course many more presents for us.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. fantastic website my favourite enlgish language blog on argentina football! and the only blog i read! ;)


    vamo’ RRRRRRACING!!!!

  3. Happy birthday, and thank you so much for the gift you’ve given us all year long! I’m going to eat a slice of birthday cake in your honor … ohoh. You don’t seem to have eaten yours … perhaps I can take up the slack …

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