Tigre savaged

El Rojo celebrate Machn’s strike

Independiente hosted Tigre in Saturday evening’s last match, and gave them a mauling, comfortably making up for their loss against Lanús on the opening weekend. Both Gimnasias were at home, the Jujuy side losing out to Estudiantes whilst their more well-known namesakes from La Plata beat Central. And elsewhere there was Olimpo vs. Vélez and the clash of the Saints in Boedo…

A run of eight matches without victory was finally put to an end by an Independiente side who were unified by midweek reports that manager Pedro Troglio would fall on his sword if they lost to Tigre. An own goal from Santiago Morero gave them the lead in the 22nd minute, and even though main target man Germán Denis was sent off seven minutes later, Daniel Montenegro added a second before half time. Gastón Machín made it 3-0 in the 49th minute, and although Néstor Ayala pulled one back midway through the half, Montenegro completed his brace late on to give El Rojo a 4-1 win. It’s been a long time coming, but it’ll taste all the sweeter for it tonight.

Estudiantes didn’t have to play anywhere near as far above themselves against Gimnasia de Jujuy, winning 2-0 in spite of the absences of Juan Sebastián Verón, Pablo Piatti and others from the starting XI. Enzo Pérez in the 11th minute and Pablo Lugüercio in the 50th scored the goals. Estudiantes’ city rivals (rather than their hosts this weekend) Gimnasia, meanwhile, won by the same score at home to Rosario Central after five consecutive defeats in the league. Renato Civelli opened the scoring just three minutes in, and Juan Cuevas wrapped things up with 16 left on the clock.

Elsewhere Vélez got a predictable win away to Olimpo in Bahía Blanca, in their first ever visit to the southern Buenos Aires Province city. Gustavo Balvorín and Santiago Silva got the goals, before Gastón Díaz was sent off for the visitors, who nonetheless closed the game out easily enough. More surprising was San Lorenzo’s defeat at home to San Martín de San Juan, who despite their opponents’ much improved display from their Copa Libertadores midweek defeat, rode the storm and won with a 90th minute penalty from José Brusco. Ramón Díaz won’t be a happy man.

And finally fans in the south of the city will be enjoying a beer or two tonight after Quilmes beat Ferro Carril Oeste 2-0 with goals from Germán Alemanno and Pablo Batalla to go top of B Nacional. San Martín de Tucumán play C.A.I. on Sunday, and will reclaim the summit if they can win. B Nacional will be 21 matches old after this weekend, and I’m intending to be a little more regular with coverage of it between now and the season’s end, so watch this space…

9 thoughts on “Tigre savaged

  1. Sam, do you know the story behind the St. Andrew’s Cross-like badge on Independiente’s white kits for the Clausura?

    It is quite visible on the player on the left above, which is why I am clogging the post with this typically-kit obsessed comment.

    Might it be a retro thing of some sort? They have the “standard” shield with the C.A.I. sash in their traditional colours on the red kits.

  2. Hi Ursus. A little reminiscence here from my most recent trip to Buenos Aires.

    When I got the ferry across to Uruguay for a few days, there was a video on rotation in the check-in area. One of the clips it showed was Independiente’s president sitting behind a desk with a slew of Rojo shirts in front of him. He was talking for about five minutes about Independiente’s vast number of official badges. Apparently they’ve got more official crests than any other club in Argentina, and one of them is the one pictures above. Why they NEED more than one is anyone’s guess, but I’ll try and find a little more detail for you later on…

  3. Here’s a link in Spanish with some info on the Saint Andrew’s badge and Independiente:


    To sum up and translate the important bits, Independiente’s first president, Arístides Langone, donated the white shirts wore by the extint Plate United FC -or Del Plata Unidos FC- (for which he used to play). They wore white (because it was the cheapest) and they had a blue pocket with a Saint Andrew’s badge because they were inspired in Saint Andrew’s, one of the first established amateur teams in the early years in Argentina. They won the first organised league in 1891 after The Argentine Association Football League was founded.

    Independiente wear red now because Mr. Langone was fascinated by Nottingham Forest’s kit when they came on tour to Argentina and defeated Alumni -the greatest side in the history of amateur football in Argentina and founded by a Scot, Mr. Alexander Watson Hutton -the father of Argentina football-. After watching Forest played so brilliantly, Langone decided to go red on June 25th, 1905.

    In recent years, and I think it’s more to do with marketing reasons -to sell more shirts-, Independiente started using that old badge, even if some of their supporters had no idea what that I.F.C (Independiente Football Club) stood for.

    Here’s the original Independiente’s badge:

    Here’s a link to an unofficial website in which they say they used this badge after Plate United FC were inspired by Saint Andrew’s and they say it is a Scottish flag turned 90 degrees:

    To my knowledge there are no Scottish roots at Independiente other than this link between Langone, Plate United FC and Saint Andrew’s through their badge.

  4. BTW, Seba, given your nickname, might you be following the Veron Hummer story?

    The Gazzetta dello Sport ran an article yesterday that both JSV and one of Maradona’s daughters have been named in connection with an operation that was importing luxury vehicles puportedly for delivery to Russian, Chilean and Bolivian diplomats (and therefore tax free), but was in reality turning around and selling the cars to wealthy Argentines.

    JSV has said that he got his Hummer “from a friend”, but one thinks he might have learned something from the Italian passport fiasco.

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    seba, seguro sos argentino la info que contas es excelente. no pense que habia interes en nuestro futbol.

  6. Sí, Lepra, soy argentino! Me encanta este blog, sobre todo por la pasión que pone este pibe inglés que lo hace. Si querés, date una vuelta por mi blog (http://mundoalbiceleste.blogspot.com) donde hablamos de la selección argentina (de todos los deportes) y de los deportistas más destacados de nuestro país (también la hacemos en inglés junto con un amigo mío que nació y vive en Malasia!).

    Suerte en la lucha por no descender (soy de Racing y estamos en la misma!).

    To everybody…sorry I went in Spanish but I though I could use it to welcome lepra79 to HEGS.

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