Clausura ’08: Round 2 goals

The goals from the second round of matches in the 2008 Torneo Clausura are online now, and you can see all 24 of them amongst the (for the first time) extended highlights on the TN website by clicking here. No need for my normal running order this week, because TN have kindly provided captions at the start of each highlight bit to tell you which teams are playing, but my personal favourite strikes of the weekend can still be found by reading on, with thanks to GolesTV, in case you don’t want to sit through the whole extended video.

Goals of the week:

Palermo: Boca 1 – 0 Argentinos (21st min)

Lugüercio: Gimnasia de Jujuy 0 – 2 Estudiantes (50th min)

Sánchez: Huracán 1 – 0 Lanús (83rd min)

Silva: Olimpo 0 – 2 Vélez (59th min)

Cardetti: Colón 1 – 0 Arsenal (60th min)

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