Argentines in the Champions League second round

It’s been a mixed couple of nights for some of Europe’s top Argentine players. On Tuesday night, Inter’s Argentines (and the odd Italian, Brazilian, Swede etc.) lost out to two late goals against Javier Mascherano’s Liverpool at Anfield, whilst Lucho González and Lisandro López couldn’t help Porto to an away goal, as they lost 1-0 to Schalke in Gelsenkirchen. Others, however, were a little happier with themselves.

Also on Tuesday night, Fernando Belluschi, Cristian Ledesma and Luciano Galleti helped Olympiakos to a 0-0 draw in Athens against Chelsea, but the papers back home really had something to write about on Wednesday night. A late strike from Carlos Tevez, coming off the bench, gave Manchester United a potentially crucial away goal and 1-1 draw against Olympique Lyonnais, whilst in Glasgow, Lionel Messi was doing what Lionel Messi does: running the opposing defence (Celtic’s this time) ragged and scoring two beautiful goals, as Barcelona won a thrilling first leg 3-2.

Tevez: Lyon 1 – 1 Manchester United (86th min)

Messi: Celtic 1 – 1 Barcelona (18th min)

Messi: Celtic 2 – 3 Barcelona (79th min)


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  1. Thanks for that link, Seba, interesting thoughts (though I’m not sure I’d ever agree that Thierry Henry has a better attitude to celebrating goals than anyone)…

    These videos have all been taken down! What on earth’s going on with Dailymotion… I shall try and find some others, soon…

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