A word in his ear

Pedro Troglio’s been talking too much. He’s been upsetting some people who have a lot of influence over his continued wellbeing and, on Wednesday, the Independiente manager had a visit from some gentlemen who sat him down and told him, quietly but firmly, that he’d better shut up if he knows what’s best for him.

It’s tempting to suggest that he can count himself lucky the gentlemen in question weren’t gangland baddies, but in the world of Argentine football, the clubs’ directors can be just as scary at times. Héctor Terrone and Daniel Cacho Vázquez, two of the club’s most powerful directors, were asked by president Julio Comparada to pay the manager a visit following comments he made to the media on Monday about being ‘honest’, and in which he appeared to express a veiled fear about whether his bosses would honour his contract or not.

Initially, following the opening weekend defeat to Lanús, Troglio had suggested he’d walk himself if the team lost to Tigre in their second match. They won that one 4-1, but lost again last weekend, 2-0 away to Central. When Comparada heard Troglio’s remarks on Monday, he apparently exploded and is now demanding in no uncertain terms that the manager shuts his trap.

Terrone and Vázquez travelled out to Bosques, in the Province of Buenos Aires (where the Independiente squad train at Defensa y Justicia’s training complex during the construction work on the Doble Visera) and sat down with Troglio and his assistant on a bench a little way from the training pitch, but in full view of the press, the players and indeed the Defensa y Justicia squad, training on the next pitch, and talked quietly but animatedly for forty minutes.

The upshot of the discussion is that Troglio will have to keep the volume down on his public utterances from now on, because the directorship don’t want to sack him, or indeed have to plant a horse’s head on his pillow (it’s a bugger getting them over the garden fence, apparently). But if he angers president Comparada again, he’d better watch his back…


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