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Pedro Pompilio’s time as Boca Juniors president is over. For now. The General Inspection of Justice, which had been looking into the executive committee’s decision to ratify Pompilio as Mauricio Macri’s successor, ruled late on Tuesday that without elections, there could be no change of president, so the title reverts to Macri, now Mayor of Buenos Aires, and elections will be held in three months.

Macri stood down as Boca head in order to concentrate more fully on his new political position in November, and will no doubt be delighted that footballing matters are now going to get in the way of the trifling matter of trying to run a city. The problem for the commission was that Pompilio, who gained the presidency by virtue of being the only person on the list of candidates to replace Macri, should still have been subjected to an election of the club’s members, but wasn’t.

The elections are expected to take place within 90 days, and standing as well as Pompilio are likely to be Roberto Digón and Pablo Abatangelo, who had both opposed his initial naming as president and requested the enquiry.

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