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The first all-Argentine fixture of Copa Libertadores Group 2 was played on Tuesday evening in La Plata, and it wasn’t the most thrilling of spectacles. Estudiantes hosted Lanús and, after the high-scoring shenanigans of both sides in the league on Friday, we might have been forgiven for licking our lips in anticipation of a goalfest. Hmm.

In the first half, there was barely an attempt made on either goal. Lanús set out their stall to close down the spaces Estudiantes operated in, and ‘abused the long ball’, as Olé so delicately put it. Estudiantes, also firm in defence, only had to watch their opponents try with a couple of long-range shots, not much more, whilst the referee tried to keep a lid on the niggling midfield fouls that would have broken up the play, had their been any play to break up.

The second half was barely any different. Estudiantes did have one effort that ended up in the net, Agustín Alayes heading in, but the assistant referee overruled it for no obvious reason and the match returned to the bore-fest it had been up to that point. With the draw, Lanús move onto four points after two matches, and share the top of the group with Deportivo Cuenca, who beat Estudiantes on the opening day. Estudiantes, meanwhile, have their first point of the campaign.

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