Danubio 1 – 2 Estudiantes

Rodrigo Braña (right) goes up with Carlos Morales

Roberto Sensini’s Estudiantes may have recorded their first league loss of the season at the weekend against San Lorenzo, but on Wednesday night they finally got their Copa Libertadores Group 2 effort up and running, coming from behind in the second half to win 2-1 against Danubio in Montevideo thanks to a Juan Sebastián Verón penalty and a late winner from Enzo Pérez.

Midway through the first half, it was all looking very different for Sensini’s men. They’d been a goal down already for 17 minutes when Agustín Alayes went in hard to a tackle, took both ball and opponent, and was rewarded with his second booking of the night. Suddenly, Pedro Irala’s early headed goal for the Uruguayans had gone from looking difficult to overturn (Estudiantes were hardly playing well even with eleven men) to all but insurmountable.

At half time, though, Sensini made a couple of changes, withdrawing Pablo Piatti and Iván Moreno y Fabianesi and putting on Cristian Bogado and José Basanta. The adjustments worked, with Estudiantes improving and, in the fifteenth minute, their luck was in as the Chilean referee awarded the visitors a penalty for a pretty ordinary bit of pushing and tugging between goalscorer Irala and Leandro Desábato. Seba Verón promptly dispatched it into the net, and Estudiantes had the equaliser they just about deserved.

Following the equaliser, Danubio went in search of a second for themselves, and Cristian Bardaro came close, but Estudiantes were now looking more assured at the back and settled in to play on the counter. And with four minutes remaining, their patience got its reward, with Verón playing substitute Enzo Pérez through. Pérez left a defender in his wake before slamming the ball high into the net to send the 5,000 Estudiantes fans who’d made the short hop across the Río de la Plata mad. Estudiantes now join Lanús and Cuenca on four points, and can dream once more of qualification.

3 thoughts on “Danubio 1 – 2 Estudiantes

  1. On another topic-woe to Boca fans as it looks like Caranta is not going to be available against Atlas tonight. I fear his backup, Migliore will not be up to the task. Maybe I am missing something, but Migliore just does not strike me as the type of quality reserve one would expect at Boca. I guess with all that moola going to Roman they have to pick their spots to save a little. It could be ugly.

  2. I wish Racing had that sort of “problem”, Johnny!

    Don’t count your money in front of the poor! hahaha!

    As for Estudiantes, they made me think last night how there are teams with a tradition and a history of being up to the task in continental cups.

    Real Madrid and Milan (with the exception of this year) are clear examples. As Liverpool.

    And then you have the likes of Lyon, Valencia and (to some extent) Inter. Teams that don’t seem to be up for it outside their own countries.

    Estudiantes is one of the most “COPEROS” teams in the World. I’m sorry but I don’t have a word in English to express that.

    Boca, Independiente (only in the 70’s), Peñarol, Nacional (in the early Copa Libertadores years) and São Paulo are all in that same group.

    While River (the Argentine team with more presences in the Copa Libertadores and yet only won it twice) and San Lorenzo (never won it) can join the less “COPERO” team of all times in South America: America de Cali (a team that played the Copa Libertadores final 5 times and never won it. On a funny note, River won their 2 Copa Libertadores beating non-other than America de Cali in the finals!).

    Also…back to Estudiantes…it was incredible to see all those fans in Uruguay. It looked like a home game for them. Considering it was a week day and the game was televised live in Argentina, it was amazing to see that “hinchada” bringing a lot of people to the Centenario.

  3. Seba- sorry to make that public display of Boca’s riches !! If it were up to me Racing would have all the $ they need and you wouldn’t have to suffer through this mess ! In addition to no Caranta, Ibarra is still out and Maidana is not quick enough to fill his shoes. I would almost rather see the new kid, Monzon start on that side.

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