Racing poor, Colón and Central worse

San Lorenzo recorded a second consecutive win in Friday night’s clásico in El Cilindro, though they can hardly feel too proud of themselves given that it was Racing they were beating. To rub salt into the wound for the home side, the only goal of the game was headed in by their former player Gonzalo Bergessio. Elsewhere, Central and Colón bored the pants off everyone in Rosario.

Racing got off to a dreadful start, with Erwin Avalos presented with a red card after just sixteen minutes, but San Lorenzo played so poorly that it took until the middle of the second half for them to take advantage. Racing played better than in their previous matches, but one thing that didn’t change was their luck. Adrián Bastía and Claudio Yacob did a good job of winning the ball back for La Academia in the middle of the pitch, with Aureliano Torres breaking forward to support Diego Manicero, playing as a loan front man following Avalos’s sending off. San Lorenzo, meanwhile, finished poorly until, in the 26th minute of the second half, ‘Lavandina‘ Bergessio rose to send a powerful header past Hilario Navarro. Ever the gent, Bergessio didn’t celebrate in front of his old fans.

Racing were let off the hook slightly in the relegation table as Colón failed to improve slightly on their points-per-game average, drawing 0-0 with Central in Rosario. In a dull match, neither side did themselves any favours – Colón are one place behind Racing in the Promedio whilst Central remain third bottom. Two derbies that were anything but clásicos in the other sense of the word on Friday night, and they don’t clear an awful lot up for relegation, either. For now, though, La Academia will be left to rue the return of one of their old boys…


4 thoughts on “Racing poor, Colón and Central worse

  1. I saw the goal by Bergessio on There aren’t many football players out there respecting their old fans. He was such a gentleman as you said. I am sure that many of Racing’s fan clapped and cheered him after he scored. Or maybe I am wrong.

  2. Spot on, boaz. But I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Racing’s fans clapped and cheered him. To be honest, as a Racing fan, I can tell you that we are sick and tired of everything and to add insult to injury, we have conceded 3 goals from former Racing players in 5 games this Clausura (Lucchetti -Banfield goalkeeper-, Pavlovich -Banfield striker- and now Bergessio, who scored his first ever goal for San Lorenzo against us).

    Lucchetti celebrated like crazy. Pavlovich and Bergessio didn’t even smiled after they scored. But the truth is, there is no consolation for us.

    Oh…and of the other 3 goals we conceded one came from a former Independiente player (Paez -Olimpo-) which is never nice and another was scored by the brother of a former Racing player (Salcedo -Newell’s-).

    There was always a link except for Cvitanich’s goal (Banfield).

    Now I don’t know how on Earth are Racing going to save their lives this seasons. There are no positive signs at all. Nothing looks promising. We can’t even make the most out of the other teams’ bad results.

  3. Racing didn’t deserve to lose. They played very good the first half ( even when they had 10 players) but couldn’t manage to score (unfortuntely) San Lorenzo improved in the second half and found the goal. It’s a shame about Racing’s situation

  4. Thanks Seba for the insight into the Racing situation. Maybe a comfort is that Racing is producing some good players, who go and do well else where.

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