When will this end?

The day after Vélez Sársfield fan Emanuel Alvarez was shot dead on his way to see his team play a game of football against San Lorenzo, there was another clash in the streets of Buenos Aires between gangs of people who claim to be fans of one of the clubs in the city. This time it was Boca Juniors, and although there were no deaths, the news of a hospitalised fan combines with the other stories this weekend to cast a long shadow, once more, over Argentine football.

The fight took place between gangs of Boca sympathisers in the area around La Bombonera, a couple of hours prior to their match against Huracán as they gathered to board the coaches taking them to La Paternal for the match. Early ‘intelligence’ suggests that the scrap was part of a struggle for power within the barra between a faction known as ‘Los de Lomas‘ (‘The ones from Lomas’), and another led by Mauro Martín. The La Doce leaders are, of course, currently doing time.

The fan who was rushed to hospital hasn’t yet been named, but is 40 years old and apparently arrived suddenly in the company of the security forces, staggering towards them with a knife wound in his abdomen. He was taken to hospital, where the head surgeon has told the press that he may have to be operated on, but his situation is being monitored. He’s under control, though, and his condition isn’t classed as serious.

Another attack overshadows the weekend, then, and once more the AFA and the security forces will have to take a long hard look at themselves. There are also bound to be those wondering if it’s merely coincidence that both Alvarez’s killing and this attack came in Capital Federal, where COPROSEDE, the Provincial Sporting Security Commission, doesn’t have any power…


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