Here we go again…

Racing were hosting Estudiantes on Saturday night, but another match has fallen victim to the asterisks as a disallowed goal, combined with other contentious refereeing, sparked unrest in the stands and led to the suspension of the match with 13 minutes remaining.

At kick off, Racing had managed to go 438 minutes without scoring, a run that was finally ended after 479 minutes, when Claudio Fileppi struck four minutes before half-time to give the home fans something to shout about and send Racing in 1-0 up at the break. When the second half started, Facundo Sava missed a gilt-edged opportunity to double the lead, and Estudiantes took impetus from their wake-up call. In just three minutes, they turned the match on its head, first Diego Galván and then Leandro Lázzaro scoring in the 16th and 19th minutes to make it 2-1 to the visitors.

The trouble began a few minutes after Lázzaro’s header, with Racing midfielder Matías Sánchez’s sending off drawing some criticism and Adrián Bastía’s (both for second yellow cards) a few minutes later stretching tensions still further. When, just two minutes after Bastía’s red card, Maxi Moralez equalised for Racing, things seemed a little better – but then Moralez too was sent off, for what claims was a very questionable handball in the buildup to the goal, and the fans snapped.

The reaction on the terraces was such that referee Federico Beligoy didn’t feel the match could safely continue, so with 32 minutes of the second half played, it was suspended. Normal form in Argentina suggests that, since Racing’s fans caused the trouble at a time when their team were losing, the result will stand – but we’ll be more sure of that in the days to come.

11 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. ROBBERY! I’m incredibly gutted. A couple of penalty kicks should have been given to Racing in the first half (fouls on Maxi Moralez and Matías Sánchez).

    Bastia saw the yellow for a foul that was never a foul and then 2 more reds in 10 minutes (to add insult to injury after Estudiantes scored twice in 3 or 4 minutes).

    But here’s the icing on the cake. Here’s the alledged hand-ball by Maxi Moralez (that should have been the crucial equalizer for 9-men Racing and a final 15 breath-taking minutes):

    See for yourselves.

    That said…I disagree with the reaction from Racing “fans” as they clearly compromise our club’s future because we could be fined, we could receive a points deduction and we risk playing in another ground for a few weeks.

    A very very sad night for me

  2. By the way…this guy Beligoy has an impressive record against Racing: in two matches, he showed 6 red cards to our players!

    Thanks AFA! Thanks a lot!

  3. Thanks for the video link, Seba. It’s a little tricky to see, but I think there’s enough there that, with the newspapers’ reactions as well, it probably wasn’t a handball. From that angle, I can certainly see why the fans behind the goal weren’t happy with the decision.

    Having said that, fans get angry with referees here in England too. They very rarely throw things and get the game called off…

    And so the circle continues…

  4. Maj – as you say, the AFA haven’t yet announced it… and therefore it’s not been made official.

    As I’ve said a few times on HEGS, the normal course of action in these cases (where the losing team’s fans are the ones who cause the trouble) is to simply let the result stand, so it’s safe to assume it’ll be recorded as a 2-1 for Estudiantes, but until the announcement has been made we can’t say for certain.

    Of course when the announcement is made it’ll be reported here on HEGS.

  5. hastaelgolsiempre, thanks for you post. I find it a bit weird as to why they governing body is taking so long. It would have taken a monumental performance from Racing Club with 8 players to win and as you said it was the Racing fans who caused the problem.

  6. It’s official now!

    Estudiantes go top of the league. Racing drops even further in the “promedios” (average used to calculate relegations).

    As a little note on this, maj, they took so long because they are an obsolete, useless body that is not adapted to the modern times. I’m talking about the AFA in general and the “disciplinary tribunal” (or however you call that in English! ha!).

  7. Wait a minute…wait a minute…apparentely, it’s not official yet!

    Tables are updated in most of the sporting websites around (Olé and ESPN’s Soccernet included).

    So…we need to wait. As always.

  8. Too quick off the mark, Seba! I noticed the table on Ole’s site had been updated earlier today, but didn’t put anything up because the AFA site didn’t say anything (and hasn’t got an updated table), and TyCSports, the only other site I had time to check from my office, also didn’t have it. It’s looking quite likely, though…

  9. Watching telly can play tricks on you! I heard a few guys on TV saying it was official (probably they have inside info) and so I jumped the gun.

  10. Seba,hastaelgolsiempre I have never known a governing body to act in such a slow manner. Lucky the Argentine national team does not play like the people that run the countries football or else their would be riots.

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