Boca barra detained, Troglio and Llop say adios

A senior member of Boca Juniors’ barra brava, La Doce, was arrested prior to Sunday’s match at La Bombonera against Colón, after his name was given to the police in a list of fans to be denied entry to the game. On Monday, meanwhile, the seventh round of matches took two new managerial casualties as Banfield sacked Juan Manuel Llop (just two weeks after winning the derby 5-0!) and Independiente boss Pedro Troglio stood down.

The barra detained on Sunday along with 24 others was William Richard, third in charge of La Doce since Rafael Di Zeo and the rest of the gang’s heirarchy were jailed last year. He was arrested, according to a police spokesman talking to the news agency Diarios y Noticias, ‘for attempting to resist authority.’ Richard was a bodyguard to Di Zeo before the latter’s imprisonment, and now operates as a lieutenant to Mauro Martín, the barra‘s new head.

Interestingly, another of those arrested was the son of a gang member known as the ‘Uruguayo‘ (Uruguayan), a member of the La Doce faction opposed to Martín’s leadership. Following the brawl last week before the trip to Huracán, in which one man was stabbed, Boca’s directors issued the police with the list of people to deny admission to – an interesting development from a club who include a La Doce star in the ‘Walk of Fame’ outside their stadium. In total, there were 21 detentions on Sunday for resisting police authority, and another four for breaking drug laws.

Elsewhere, Monday saw Independiente boss Troglio quit the club, and Banfield manager Juan Manuel Llop sacked. Llop’s departure came as the bigger surprise, with the manager only able to tell the press; ‘I’m calm, the results speak for themselves… the directors told me they’re not happy with the way we’re going in this campaign.’ Banfield have just seven points from their opening seven matches, and this weekend contrived to lose to Rosario Central of all teams, but the decision to let Llop go is still a shock. Just two weeks ago they visited national champions Lanús in their local clásico and tore them to pieces, 5-0. And in the Apertura they finished 3rd – they’re only two points off a qualification spot for the Copa Sudamericana at present, in spite of the underwhelming start. Until the end of the Clausura, Miguel Jerez will take charge.

Troglio’s exit from Independiente, meanwhile, was rather more predictable after the very public mudslinging and confrontations between him and his now ex bosses, not to mention the chairman’s unconvincing noises about confidence in the manager after the draw with Boca two weeks ago. Each disappointment brought suggestions that Troglio would be out should his side lose the next one, and he’d so far avoided it by managing to prevent them from losing two in a row. On Saturday, though, the loss to San Martín proved the final straw even after last weekend’s win over Gimnasia La Plata and Troglio apparently got fed up of the pressure and offered to step down – the board didn’t refuse him.

The list of names for the next boss is an interesting one. Ex-Boca and Vélez boss Miguel Angel Russo has been mentioned but president Julio Comparada’s choice is thought to be Daniel Passarella, who given his record during his most spell at River Plate is an odd decision for a president wanting to turn a recently underachieving club around…

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