Find me a donkey

Mystery in Núñez. Ariel ‘Burrito‘ [‘Little donkey’] Ortega has virtually recovered from the injury he picked up a couple of weeks ago against Racing, and was due to be drafted into the squad to face Arsenal de Sarandí on Sunday. He’d demonstrated his readiness for the task in training on Wednesday – but on Thursday, in Ezeiza when the team met up for training, he wasn’t present.

Prior to the Copa Libertadores match on Wednesday night against Universidad Católica, Ortega had declared that, ‘it makes me angry not to be able to play because I’m not used to not playing.’ When he failed to turn up for training this morning, alarms went off in the heads of River’s technical team, because the fear that he’s again fallen victim to his alcohol addiction will always be brought up when something like this occurs. For now, explanations haven’t been forthcoming.

Will Diego Simeone be as forgiving of Ortega’s sporadic no-shows as Daniel Passarella was? Will Ortega be alright and return to the fold? Watch this space…

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  1. Simeone said no, Ortega won’t be playing this weekend. Not a punishment, but not a regard for his lack of responsability at work. Fair enough

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