Boca 4 – 3 Colo Colo – the goals

The goals from last night’s astonishing Copa Libertadores Group 3 match between Boca and Colo Colo are now online, and you can see them right here. Enjoy, because there are several absolute crackers. Not to mention the look of sheer delight on the face of Juan Román Riquelme after Boca’s third goal.

4 thoughts on “Boca 4 – 3 Colo Colo – the goals

  1. Dear God, Please let me find the Boca v. Colo Colo CL game on the digital recorder when I turn on the TV later today! All my love, Chris

    (Those goals are awesome. La Bombonera must have been ROCKING.)

  2. Amazing game. Even though I’m a River Plate fan, I must recognise the effort of Boca’s players, specially Rodrigo Palacios.

  3. I can give Boca credit, but what disastrous defending by Colo Colo in the second half. Anyway, we beat them home AND away last season ;)

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