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River Plate were using Vélez Sársfield’s stadium as a home base on Sunday afternoon to host Arsenal de Sarandí, but the match was almost called off after yet more trouble in Argentina’s footballing gangland. The civil war diving Los Borrachos del Tablón continues even with the Schlenker brothers in jail, and today the conflict was reignited.

Adrián Rousseau, the rival capo to the Schlenkers in the rift that cost Rousseau’s right-hand man Gonzalo Acro his lie last August, was thought by police to have retired, but today his faction were behind a running battle in the River end against a group known as the ‘Banda del Oeste‘ who want to wrest control of the terraces from the current hierarchy. Rousseau’s gang entered the stand to find the Banda del Oeste already occupying the place normally reserved for the head barras, and the fight followed. Press agency Télam, whose report appeared on the Olé website, claimed that from the press box some barras were seen running at their adversaries with chains in their hands.

There were injuries but no deaths reported, and the match did go ahead in the end, although there were rumours that it would be postponed. River won 1-0 with a goal from Rodrigo Archubi eleven minutes before half time, and goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo once again took the plaudits. River maintain their unbeaten record, but there are more important points to be taken from the afternoon, yet again.


10 thoughts on “More trouble

  1. I was at the game today, and fortunately didn’t see any of the violence on the terraces.

    But I did see the heavy handed reaction of the police to ordinary fans trying to leave the stadium after the game and I’d be amazed if their crowd pushing idiocy didn’t cause any injuries.

  2. Carrizo is entering a new level. At this rate he’ll soon be among the world’s very best. So calm, so composed, so confident. Nice goal too from Archubi, he of the glaring misses against racing a few weeks ago.

  3. In the popular, but must have arrived after the incidents. Just seen it all on the telly. Horrific. Moronic.

    Agreed about Carrizo. Our league position is flattering but we’ve only conceded 2 this campaign.

  4. Hmmm…a lot of feathers around here! hahaha! Muchos gallinas (River fans).

    I’m certainly convinced River is going places with Simeone.

    Unfortunately, it’s impossible to ignore the violence in the terraces, but everybody should be talking about how difficult it is to score a goal against River this season.

  5. I agree about Carrizo. Incredibly athletic and with great technique. What’s the latest on a long trip to Europe for him ?:)

  6. It started waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before!

    For those with an understanding of the Spanish language, here are a couple of videos (watch them together as they are Part 1 and Part 2). It’s a piece about violence in Argie football and you can see shocking (REALLY SHOCKING) statements by José María Aguilar (River Plate’s president) and Julio “Tony Soprano” Grondona.

    Part 1 (4 minutes):

    Part 2 (10 minutes):

  7. In one of those statements, Aguilar talks about the leaders of the Barrabrava when he took over at the club and he compares those three criminals with San Martín, Belgrano and Sarmiento (the trilogy of three of the most important patriots in our history).

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