A managerial change and a 100th birthday

Miguel Micó, fed up of a board who effectively decimated his first team squad in January, and then told him to acheive survival anyway, has quit his job as Racing manager. He’s been replaced by Claudio Cristofanelli, a youth-team coach and former player for the club. In Boedo, meanwhile, Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro are celebrating 100 years of existence.

Cristofanelli probably isn’t the fans’ choice for their new manager, but he should prove as able an interim coach as any they could have attracted in the short term – he’s managed the fifth and sixth teams of the club and won titles at those levels. He’ll also no doubt benefit from a bit of fan nostalgia on the part of many, having played 217 matches for the first team in midfield. He replaces Micó after the latter left following a talk with his wife which convinced him it wasn’t worth the stress of continuing any longer in charge of a sinking ship.

San Lorenzo, though, have had a slightly better day. They’re having a big party and no doubt there’s a lot of cake for all the former greats gathered at the centenary bash for one of Argentina’s ‘Big Five’ clubs… but whilst it merits a mention, it’s not really very interesting to write or read about a bunch of middle-aged and old men patting each other on the back, is it?


13 thoughts on “A managerial change and a 100th birthday

  1. Hey Johnny, Boca fans, take a look at this:

    Chelsea are trying to negotiate a £6m deal for Boca Juniors striker Rodrigo Palacio. (Daily Mirror)

    12 million dollars. Just 12 million dollars? Come on! Give me a break! They pay that money for average English midfielders and they want to buy The Lightning for only 6 million pounds?


  2. Seba- I saw that news item on Palacio. Apparently it is a given that Rodrigo is leaving soon and Boca is already scouting replacements. Of course if I had a nickel for everytime Palacio was supposed to head to Europe over the past two years plus, I would have alot of nickels. He has certainly had a bit more fire to his play recently so maybe he knows he is definitely on his way out for the bigger money. Hopefully not with dreaded Chelsea. I still think that Palacio might struggle in the EPL. Very fast, but so light and just not a physical player. He’s another young player who saw his best form when Coco was with Boca, along with Neri Cardozo and Pablo Ledesma. Overachievers all, who I think have reached the limit of their potential. But what does this dumb norteamericano know ?!:)

  3. It doesn’t surprise me to see him linked with yet another European side, but I’ll say this: as a Manchester United fan I’d love to see Palacio at Chelsea. Carlos Ischia (or possibly Miguel Angel Russo, which would make slightly more sense) made a couple of comments about him the other day, one of which was that he needs around 30 good chances to score five goals. When his own (ex?) manager says that about a player, you’ve got to wonder why the big European powers are interested…

  4. Though I hate to say it, this is true of Palacio. And, not to beat a dead horse, but more so now than two years ago. To use a baseball analogy, Rodrigo reminds me of a clean up hitter on a very good team who leaves alot of guys on base. He can create a good deal of havoc with his speed and he does have some nice skills, but has turned into a poor finisher. I’d be surprised if Ischia made that comment (if he did, than he’s right on-but a very poor motivator !), and seems more likely to have been Russo.

  5. Claudio Borghi is supposedly in the mix for the Racing job…I would be interested to see if he could replicate the success he had at Colo Colo.

  6. Andrew…success is not a word that could go hand in hand with Racing at the time being.

    Those links between Borghi and Racing are pretty obvious because he supports Racing and he’s just got out of Colo Colo (and he’s been linked with Racing in the past -not so long ago-).

    As a Racing fan and seeing what a great job Borghi did at Colo Colo, I don’t think if his appointment would be the best thing to happen to Racing right now. His style relies heavily on attacking players and he tends to play attractive football. Unfortunately, that’s impossible to replicate at Racing these days.

    What really overwhelm me is Blanquiceleste’s approach (the company that is running Racing since 1999/2000). Micó is out and so they are now saying that their candidates for the job are “Borghi (as I said, very offensive-minded) and Falcioni (a guy with a story of keeping it tight at the back and base his game solely on trying to keep a clean sheet)”.

    I mean…they are going after two guys with completely different styles! They are clearly clueless and I think we will continue to be in a desperate position.

    Tonight we visit Velez. I’ll see if I go to the movies instead! (gotta protect my heart and my health!)

    Who do I want at the helm in Racing?

    Out of all the names being mentioned, I’d like to see Juan Manuel Llop getting a chance. He’s put Banfield in 3rd position at the end of the last Apertura and he was unfairly given the sack just 2 weeks after defeating Lanús (champions and local rivals) 5-0! Crazy country this is!

  7. Regarding Palacio, I would like to say one thing: he is not a natural-born goalscorer. I see him more like a supporting actor when it comes to scoring. Nonetheless, he’s got an impressive scoring record.

    I think it is wrong to ask him to have Palermo’s or any other one-minded shoot-first-think-later type of striker.

    I don’t think people should look at him to be in the same mould as a Diego Milito, Wayne Rooney, Fernando Torres or Ruud Van Nistelrooy (to name just a few).

    He is a player that will likely get you more assists than goals in any season and therefore, I believe it is a mistake to judge him only by his goalscoring abilities (which he has).

    I’d compare him more to a Frank Ribery type of player.

    He should play up front along with a big hitman so the team can use an explosive combination of speed (Palacio) and strenght (whoever they put to play alongside him). Like when Argentina had Caniggia and Batistuta. Yes! I’ve found the perfect example! Claudio Paul Caniggia! He would burn the opposing defensive units on pure speed and then let Batigol score, while ocassionaly bagging one or two himself.

  8. Seba: I think you’re probably right about it not being a great time for Borghi to come to Racing. (Also nice Caniggia/Palacio comparison).

    I think the one wildcard would be Ossie Ardiles. Can De Tomaso and co. lure him off the golf courses and back to El Cilindro?

  9. Andrew…it appears Juan Manuel Llop (former Godoy Cruz (got relegated) and Banfield (3rd place in the Apertura, sacked two weeks ago)) has everything set to become Racing manager starting on Monday.

    I’m watching Racing at the moment and I’ve never seen a side being so far from scoring in my whole life!

    If I can sign this 0-0 result (10 minutes into the second half), I’ll sign whatever you want me to sign!



    We’ve just scored! Unbelievable!

    Still a long way to go (30 minutes). But it’s better being 1-0 up than not!


    Amazing stuff!

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