Borghi arrives

Independiente finally have a new manager. It seems like ages since Pedro Troglio left – in fact it’s only a couple of weeks, but he was a dead man walking for long prior to his exit that it’s easy to forget that. On Monday, El Rojo unveiled their new manager, and as expected since Thursday, it’s Claudio Borghi, until recently of Colo Colo.

Borghi, who fell out with the Santiago club’s directors just prior to the recent Copa Libertadores group stage match against Boca Juniors in La Bombonera, and left of his own accord, returns to his homeland to take charge of Independiente, and has agreed a deal to take him through to the middle of next year. The decision still be made is whether Borghi will take over in June, or sooner – he’s got an agreement with Colo Colo not to take another job before then, but Independiente president Julio Comparada has made no secret of the fact he’d like Borghi to start work sooner if a way round that pact can be found. ‘If [stand-in boss Pepe] Santoro continues getting results, maybe my stay in Chile will be a little longer,’ Borghi joked, before insisting that he’d respect the deal with his former employers, although, ‘a lot can happen in three months… maybe something will even happen to let Pepe remain in charge.’ Who knows? Whenever he takes charge, though, Independiente have themselves a decent manager, who after his recent title win with Colo Colo is clearly itching to get going again.


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