Boca 3 – 0 Maracaibo: the goals (at last)

In the excitement of Wednesday evening’s league matches finally being played after postponements, I forgot to post the video of the goals from Boca’s 3-0 victory over Maracaibo which helped them to qualify for the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores. Apologies to any fans who were looking forward to it – here it is.

Boca Juniors 3 – 0 Unión Atlética Maracaibo


6 thoughts on “Boca 3 – 0 Maracaibo: the goals (at last)

  1. Hi Sam-I’ve been having some problems navigating through the blog recently. I keep getting an Internet Explorer message that the script is slowing down Internet Explorer and it needs to close. Is anybody else having similar problems, or should I give my laptop a good whack ?

  2. Johnny, Dailymotion and Futbolizados (the site I borrow the Copa Libertadores goal vids from) are working fine (the last few days I mean – I’m currently at work so can’t watch the video above in any case), so it’s probably your PC. Might be worth making sure you’ve got the latest version of IE and so on… or try clearing the internet temporary files etc…

  3. Seems to be ok now. I checked with Bostero Forever and he was having the same issue. Maybe a temporary IE problem, or perhaps Boca fans were on the shit list !! Ha Ha !

  4. Well, glad it’s back to normal. Any ‘shit list’ belongs strictly to Microsoft and not to HEGS at all – I may be a River fan but I like to think the site’s as impartial as possible!

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