When Saturday Comes, June 2008

This week I make my first foray out of the internet realm and into the big, proper-writing world of print. The good people at British magazine When Saturday Comes have seen fit to provide me with my national debut this month. In ‘Season In Brief’ I write about the 1991 Torneo Apertura, in which Ramón Díaz finished top scorer as River won the first in the current era of the ‘short championships’.

If you live in the UK and you’ve not bought WSC before, you should have done – it’s available in all decent city-centre newsagents (WHSmith, Border’s and so on). The new issue is out today, Weds 7th May, and you’ll find ‘Season In Brief’ on the last page.

5 thoughts on “When Saturday Comes, June 2008

  1. Congrats Sam! WSC is available here in New York as well – right on my street, in fact. That should make you feel like an international literary superstar! I look forward to reading the piece (we still have the previous issue on our stands, I’ll keep an eye out for the new one).

  2. Am a subscriber and am looking forward to reading it. I had sometrhing published in there a few months back and it was a proud moment – the only writing ambition I really had and it does feel great.

    Well done.

    While I’m here – is there any chance of a link to my blog site on Havant & Waterlooville FC, English lower-league football and other bits and bobs.

    its http://dubsteps.blogspot.com – consider this site linked today!

  3. I bought this today Sam, congratulations. Nice piece, too. Seems strange to read your stuff in an actual magazine, rather than online. Strange in a good way, though.

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