Slippy fingers

The Copa Libertadores semi-final is only halfway through, but Boca were filled with self-loathing on Wednesday night after letting a lead slip through their fingers having had the first leg completely in their own hands. Well, not so much self-loathing as Migliore-loathing. The stand-in goalkeeper made a cock-up of monumental proportions to hand Fluminense an equaliser and put the tie on a knife-edge going back to Rio. The final score, 2-2. To see the goals, including that fumble from Migliore, read on…

Boca began the better side and took an early lead through Juan Román Riquelme in just the eleventh minute after Rodrigo Palacio cut the ball back for him from a lofted pass forward, and barely looked back even as the visitors hit back just four minutes later courtesy of Thiago Silva. After the early exchange, Boca dominated, Martín Palermo causing interminable problems for the Brazilian backline and Riquelme having a stormer, ‘painting the pitch with the most beautiful colours football knows,’ as Olé put it. Very prosaic, these Argentine reporters.

in the 64th minute Riquelme doubled his and his side’s tally to put Boca 2-1 up, and the match looked over. All the same, the hosts pressed and pressed for a third, and were getting closer and closer to getting it, before disaster struck. Thiago Neves hit a hopeful, weak shot from twenty-five yards out and Migliore had it covered easily, but fumbled and the ball ended up in the net to make it 2-2. Moments later, Palermo thought he’d made it three, and would have done but for a phenomenal save from Fernando Henrique in the visitors’ goal. 2-2 it finished. Flu are unlikely to be quite such pushovers in the Maracanã, and Boca, if they’re to make the final, will need another impressive performance in an away match. It wouldn’t be the first time in this year’s Copa, but will it be one ask too many?

Boca Juniors 2 – 2 Fluminense

12 thoughts on “Slippy fingers

  1. Of all thing we had to have a David Seaman wanabie in today’s game.

    It might look like tought road trip for Boca but I’m pretty confident they have the capacity to pull things through.

    Now, anything about Roman’s second goal?

  2. Roman’s second goal deflected off not one but two players in the wall, so I’d have to say it was somewhat lucky that it went in.

    Migliore, oh dear. And it was me defending him here just a few days ago.

  3. I know Johnny will send me to a place I know after I say this but: “Migliore is still undefeated in the last 6 or 7 matches he played”.


    Come on, Johnny…you’re an American, you love your stats, don’t you?

  4. Seba-I hate stats and yes, that is very un-american of me !:) Well, I think I have had enough of bad mouthing Migliore (for now). I stand by my comments from the past and it was clear to all that he threw that match away last night. I still think Boca should trade him to a Z league team in Jujuy. I think Palermo wanted to kill him after the match. On to a more optimistic view, the combination of Roman and Chavez has really torqued up Boca’s offense. Chavez is relentless in his drive on the opponents side of the pitch, and his enganche skills have allowed Ischia to have Roman get in closer and consequently be much more dangerous. Nearly everybody had a very good performance last night, and as always Battaglia was over the top good, though he came off with a slight injury. Ibarra however is not his old self yet.

    So, on to Brazil next week, where Boca will have to outscore Flu to make him for “him”. I believe I will now begin to refer to Migliore as “him”, much as many portenos refer to Menem.:)

  5. For every Boca fan this Libertadores Cup has become a kind of penance. Each task is more difficult than the last one. It’s like the Twelve Labours of Hercules. Should we expect, at the end of this via crucis some kind of incredible mystical inniciation?
    Not to lose in Belo Horizonte against Cruzeiro was not easy task. We beat them 2-1.
    In Guadalajara it wasn’t enough not to lose, now we’d have to win. Boca beat Atlas 3 – 0.
    Boca always doing a little more than it was needed.
    But now…
    O.K., I think is too much. Though Fluminense is not San Pablo or Cruzeiro, we have to beat them in the legendary Maracaná if we want to continue on this ordeal!

    The curious thing is that many people think Boca can do it, as easily as he had donne it many times before.
    I think, too, that Boca can do it.
    After all, that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

  6. Did anyone ever confirm why Caranta has not played? Is it truly injury, or is it because of his remarks to the press?

  7. Caranta is truly injured, Justin.
    If we ever pass this step, he would be playing the final match of the Libertadores three weeks ahead.

  8. After a conversation with Bostero Forever we have decided that the whole Migliore mess is the fault of Boca management. He’s not fit for the job and management should have been aware of that. As Bostero Forever put it, blaming Migliore is like blaming your teenage son for smashing your new Ferrari when you gave him the keys to the car.

  9. Agreed.

    That made me think and I think I’ve found the key to our horrible campaign (decade).

    We’ve got too many teenagers and not a single Ferrari in our garage!

  10. Palacio played so well. Until that game, I have never been a big Palacio fan. (Poor guy, he became the starter after Tevez.) Also, Chavez gave the ball away several times.

    Meanwile, Fluminense is so dangerous. They make a lot out of few opportunties.

    Did anybody catch the reply of Paletta running over Darío Conca? Conca was crushed.

  11. I agree Chris, Chavez did make some bad passes in the second period, but I’ll take his energy and aggressiveness. He’s still young. Also had a couple of booming shots that missed by a hair. The downside of having Chavez start is that Boca gives up a very good holding midfielder in Vargas.

    Paletta is a mean sumbitch. Maybe even meaner than Morel, but bigger.

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