Denis to Napoli, and an angry Turk

Independiente aren’t yet out of the hunt for a Copa Sudamericana place, but if they qualify for continental competition they’ll be playing in it next season without their top scorer Germán Denis, whose transfer to Napoli is looking more and more like a done deal. Colón manager Antonio ‘El Turco‘ Mohamed, meanwhile, is refusing to apologise for insulting the referee near the end of his side’s match with Estudiantes on Sunday – an action for which he was sent off.

Denis will get a second bite of the Italian cherry (he previously played for Cesena in Serie C1 but scored only three goals in an unhappy first period in Europe) alongside countrymen Ezequiel Lavezzi and young goalkeeper Nicolás Navarro at the Stadio San Paolo. The Italian club, who will play in the third round of the Intertoto Cup and must be hopeful of qualifying for the UEFA Cup, have agreed to pay US$11 million, of which, after taxes, agents’ fees and so on, Independiente will see about US$8.5 million.

‘It’s certain,’ Jorge Cyterszpiler, the agent contracted to deal with the transfer, the man who once took Diego Maradona to Napoli. ‘They’re very interested in signing him, they know him well. I’ve already met with Julio [Comparada, Independiente president], and I’m optimistic. But whatever happens, [Denis] will play Arsenal on the last day.’ He won’t, however, be staying any longer than that.

Mohamed, for his part, was unrepentant when given the chance to apologise to Héctor Baldassi for storming onto the pitch to yell at the referee after Baldassi failed to award a penalty for a clear foul by Estudiantes’ Ezequiel Maggiolo on Darío Gandín six minutes from the end – a win would have virtually ended Colón’s relegation worries going into the last-day, winner-takes-all clash with Racing. ‘It’s happened already, I won’t punish him any more…’ El Turco told reporters on Monday, albeit without actually apologising. ‘It was a very clear penalty that’s going to form a precedent. With a victory, we’d have been practically out of [relegation worries]. But there’s nothing we can do…’

Nothing, indeed. Except, perhaps, meditate on some of the bad decisions that have gone against Racing this season.

2 thoughts on “Denis to Napoli, and an angry Turk

  1. Spot on about Racing’s poor ‘luck’ with decisions this season. Okay, give Colon their 2 points for the penalty (assuming of course that they would even have scored it), but give Racing 3 points for the game against Boca that would not have been lost but for the outrageous failure to spot a handball, and maybe another 3 points for Newell’s away (and a disallowed Sava goal that should’ve stood and would probably have led to a win). So that’s Racing 3 points ahead before the final game, Turco should count himself lucky.
    By the way, does this mean he’ll be banned from the touchline for the Racing game? I mean, it’s not as crucial as Mercado missing for Racing when he didn’t do anything (just had his hair pulled and watched Sosa pile into the melee), but we’ll take anything at all as encouragement right now! :)

  2. Don’t forget Gerlo’s absolutely blatant hand-ball inside the area when Maxi Moralez were trying to dribble him. It ended 0-0 and we were lucky because we were rubbish, but we could have won that game if a penalty was given.

    And remember Lanús’ 2 goals in offside when they came from behind to get a 3-3 draw. Their first two goals were scored in a clear offside position by Sand.

    The hand-ball incident involving Maxi Moralez that was only called by the ref after Maxi ran half the field, dribbled the keeper and scored a crucial equalizer against Estudiantes. That led to a few red cards for us and the abandonment of the match after some minor incidents took place.

    So…let’s recap. You said 6 points from the Newell’s and Boca games. I’m saying a potential 2 more from the match against River. Probably 1 more against Estudiantes and 2 more against Lanús.

    That makes it 11 points! Maybe De Tomaso was right and we had a team to qualify for the Cups! hahahaha!

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