Lázzaro apologises whilst Crespo looks for the exit…

Leandro Lázzaro apologised on Thursday for his comments the previous day about Juan Sebastián Verón, which probably wasn’t an unwise thing to do, but might not be enough to keep him at Estudiantes when next season begins. Another player looking likely to move clubs is Internazionale striker Hernán Crespo, who’s reportedly talked to Milan manager Carlo Ancelotti about a move from the San Siro back to… well, the San Siro. I’m sure it’s only a coincidence that this comes within a week or so of his present club unveiling José Mourinho as their new boss…

Lázzaro was in an honest mood on Thursday, telling reporters that, ‘I’m very sorry for having said so barbarically what I said concerning Verón, but the context I was talking in must be understood. I ask him publicly to forgive me for what I said in public and also [the same] to the group, because they could have refused to talk to me [in training] and they didn’t… [Verón] is going through a very happy time at the moment because he’s returned to the national team set-up, and I feel like a very bad person… I spoke with his father and apologised, later I’m going to call him and I’ll apologise to him.’

Admitting that his conversation with Verón extends no further than ‘Hola’ and ‘chau’, Lázzaro at least seems genuinely contrite. Whether the initial outburst, combined with his uninspired form in the Clausura, will be enough to end his Estudiantes career remains to be seen.

Crespo, it’s probably fair to assume, was one of the less excited parties when José Mourinho signed his new contract as Inter boss. Crespo’s previous spell under Mourinho’s management, at Chelsea when the Portugese took charge in 2004, started poorly and barely got any better. Crespo spent the first season of the Special One’s time at Stamford Bridge on loan to A.C. Milan, and when he returned having scored twice in the (spectacularly unsuccessful) 2005 European Cup Final, relations with the boss barely got any better in spite of the goals Valdanito scored on Chelsea’s march to their second consecutive league title.

Having struggled to hold down a place in the Inter side this season following the sudden upturn in the form of compatriot Julio Cruz, Crespo is now searching for options, and the first opening seems to be a move back to Milan. If it went ahead, he’d be playing once again under Ancelotto, who was Crespo’s first manager in Europe when he arrived at Parma from River Plate eleven years ago.

3 thoughts on “Lázzaro apologises whilst Crespo looks for the exit…

  1. Man, doesn’t Crespo want to play anymore? I would think he would try to go somewhere to get some matches at this point in his career. I mean, lets face it, he’s not exactly going to be able to walk into the starting lineup if he goes to Milan.

  2. You have to question Milan’s interest too – don’t they realize one reason they missed the Champions League, and were generally poor, is hanging on to too many over-30 players?

    Crespo would replace Falcao nicely at River tho. :)

  3. haha, i didn’t want to be the one to rekindle those rumors but it would be interesting…particularly with those D’Alessandro rumors floating around, too.

    I just think that if Crespo can go someplace where he can get some consistent playing time he can get back into the National Team in time for the World Cup. I mean its not like there are any other Number 9s out there who are staking a claim.

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