The Gonzalo Acro case: another update

A quick mention here of the latest developments in the trial over the murder of Gonzalo Acro last August. On Wednesday, Pablo ‘Cucaracha‘ Girón was caught by police after 219 days on the run. Luis Rodríguez, the judge presiding over the case, considers Girón to be one of the five men directly responsible for Acro’s murder, and his arrest will prove crucial to the development of the trial.

Calls from Girón’s mobile phone to the Schlenker brothers on the night of the murder are vital points of evidence in the prosecution’s attempts to pinpoint Alan Schlenker as the brains behind the murder. Rumours suggest he was apprehended whilst trying to rob a store in Gran Buenos Aires, but police have refused to confirm the exact circumstances.

Girón’s capture means the key suspects can now be tried, and the judge has begun the process at last. Alan and William Schlenker, Martín Maximiliano Lococo and Sergio Piñeiro will be tried shortly.


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