Torneo Apertura 2008: the fixtures in full


The full fixture list for the Primera División A Torneo Apertura 2008 has been released. Thanks to Seba for posting the fixtures when they were first announced in a comment last night. Read on for the ‘HEGS-approved’ official list, with all the clásicos highlighted.

Except the single midweek date, which is noted, all these dates refer to Sundays. The fixtures will be played between Friday night and Sunday evening of the relevant weekend (there’s a chance that one or two weekends, there might be a fixture on a Monday evening as well). If you’re planning a trip to catch any matches in particular, then rest assured that the AFA are extremely unlikely to change any dates unless a match has to be called off for some reason. Clásicos are highlighted below in red, but the most notable are: the River Plate vs. Boca Juniors superclásico, to be played on the 19th October; Racing vs. Independiente on the third weekend, 24th August; the La Plata derby on the 28th September, and the clásico rosarino on the 2nd November.

10th August:
San Martín de Tucumán vs. Huracán
Racing Club vs. Lanús
Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata vs. Newell’s Old Boys
Boca Juniors vs. Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy
Colón de Santa Fé vs. River Plate
Rosario Central vs. Estudiantes de La Plata
Banfield vs. Godoy Cruz de Mendoza
San Lorenzo de Almagro vs. Tigre
Arsenal Fútbol Club vs. Argentinos Juniors
Vélez Sársfield vs. Independiente

17th August:
Tigre vs. Arsenal
Godoy Cruz vs. San Lorenzo
Estudiantes vs. Banfield
River vs. Rosario Central
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs. Colón
Newell’s vs. Boca
Lanús vs. Gimnasia LP
Huracán vs. Racing
Independiente vs. San Martín de Tucumán
Argentinos vs. Vélez

24th August:
San Martín de Tucumán vs. Argentinos
Racing vs. Independiente
Gimnasia LP vs. Huracán
Boca vs. Lanús
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs. Newell’s
Rosario Central vs. Colón
Banfield vs. River
San Lorenzo vs. Estudiantes
Arsenal vs. Godoy Cruz
Vélez vs. Tigre

31st August:
Tigre vs. San Martín de Tucumán
Godoy Cruz vs. Vélez
Estudiantes vs. Arsenal
River vs. San Lorenzo
Colón vs. Newell’s
Rosario Central vs. Banfield
Lanús vs. Gimnasia de Jujuy
Huracán vs. Boca
Independiente vs. Gimnasia LP
Argentinos vs. Racing

14th September:
San Martín de Tucumán vs. Godoy Cruz
Racing vs. Tigre
Gimnasia LP vs. Argentinos
Boca vs. Independiente
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs. Huracán
Newell’s vs. Lanús
Banfield vs. Colón
San Lorenzo vs. Rosario Central
Arsenal vs. River
Vélez vs. Estudiantes

17th September (midweek):
Tigre vs. Gimnasia LP
Godoy Cruz vs. Racing
Estudiantes vs. San Martín de Tucumán
River vs. Vélez
Colón vs. Lanús
Rosario Central vs. Arsenal
Banfield vs. San Lorenzo
Huracán vs. Newell’s
Independiente vs. Gimnasia de Jujuy
Argentinos vs. Boca

21st September:
San Martín de Tucumán vs. River
Racing vs. Estudiantes
Gimnasia LP vs. Godoy Cruz
Boca vs. Tigre
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs. Argentinos
Newell’s vs. Independiente
Lanús vs. Huracán
San Lorenzo vs. Colón
Arsenal vs. Banfield
Vélez vs. Rosario Central

28th September:
Tigre vs. Gimnasia de Jujuy
Godoy Cruz vs. Boca
Estudiantes vs. Gimnasia LP
River vs. Racing
Colón vs. Huracán
Rosario Central vs. San Martín de Tucumán
Banfield vs. Vélez
San Lorenzo vs. Arsenal
Independiente vs. Lanús
Argentinos vs. Newell’s

5th October:
San Martín Tucumán vs. Banfield
Racing vs. Rosario Central
Gimnasia LP vs. River
Boca vs. Estudiantes
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs. Godoy Cruz
Newell’s vs. Tigre
Lanús vs. Argentinos
Huracán vs. Independiente
Arsenal vs. Colón
Vélez vs. San Lorenzo

19th October:
Tigre vs. Lanús
Godoy Cruz vs. Newell’s
Estudiantes vs. Gimnasia de Jujuy
River vs. Boca
Colón vs. Independiente
Rosario Central vs. Gimnasia LP
Banfield vs. Racing
San Lorenzo vs. San Martín de Tucumán
Arsenal vs. Vélez
Argentinos vs. Huracán

26th October:
San Martín de Tucumán vs. Arsenal
Racing vs. San Lorenzo
Gimnasia LP vs. Banfield
Boca vs. Rosario Central
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs. River
Newell’s vs. Estudiantes
Lanús vs. Godoy Cruz
Huracán vs. Tigre
Independiente vs. Argentinos
Vélez vs. Colón

29th October:
Tigre vs. Independiente
Godoy Cruz vs. Huracán
Estudiantes vs. Lanús
River vs. Newell’s
Colón vs. Argentinos
Rosario Central vs. Gimnasia de Jujuy
Banfield vs. Boca
San Lorenzo vs. Gimnasia LP
Arsenal vs. Racing
Vélez vs. San Martín de Tucumán

2nd November:
San Martín de Tucumán vs. Colón
Racing vs. Vélez
Gimnasia La Plata vs. Arsenal
Boca vs. San Lorenzo
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs. Banfield
Newell’s vs. Rosario Central
Lanús vs. River
Huracán vs. Estudiantes
Independiente vs. Godoy Cruz
Argentinos Juniors vs. Tigre

9th November:
San Martín de Tucumán vs. Racing
Godoy Cruz vs. Argentinos
Estudiantes vs. Independiente
River vs. Huracán
Colón vs. Tigre
Rosario Central vs. Lanús
Banfield vs. Newell’s
San Lorenzo vs. Gimnasia de Jujuy
Arsenal vs. Boca
Vélez vs. Gimnasia LP

16th November:
Tigre vs. Godoy Cruz
Racing vs. Colón
Gimnasia LP vs. San Martín de Tucumán
Boca vs. Vélez
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs. Arsenal
Newell’s vs. San Lorenzo
Lanús vs. Banfield
Huracán vs. Rosario Central
Independiente vs. River
Argentinos vs. Estudiantes

23rd November:
San Martín de Tucumán vs. Boca
Racing vs. Gimnasia LP
Estudiantes vs. Tigre
River vs. Argentinos
Colón vs. Godoy Cruz
Rosario Central vs. Independiente
Banfield vs. Huracán
San Lorenzo vs. Lanús
Arsenal vs. Newell’s
Vélez vs. Gimnasia de Jujuy

30th November:
Tigre vs. River
Godoy Cruz vs. Estudiantes
Gimnasia LP vs. Colón
Boca vs. Racing
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs. San Martín de Tucumán
Newell’s vs. Vélez
Lanús vs. Arsenal
Huracán vs. San Lorenzo
Independiente vs. Banfield
Argentinos vs. Rosario Central

7th December:
San Martín de Tucumán vs. Newell’s
Racing vs. Gimnasia de Jujuy
Gimnasia LP vs. Boca
River vs. Godoy Cruz
Colón vs. Estudiantes
Rosario Central vs. Tigre
Banfield vs. Argentinos
San Lorenzo vs. Independiente
Arsenal vs. Huracán
Vélez vs. Lanús

14th December:
Tigre vs. Banfield
Godoy Cruz vs. Rosario Central
Estudiantes vs. River
Boca vs. Colón
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs. Gimnasia LP
Newell’s vs. Racing
Lanús vs. San Martín de Tucumán
Huracán vs. Vélez
Independiente vs. Arsenal
Argentinos vs. San Lorenzo

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14 thoughts on “Torneo Apertura 2008: the fixtures in full

  1. Thanks Seba. I’ve allowed this one and deleted the copy-and-pasted one because I’ll be publishing the squad on here during the day tomorrow. I am up right now, but not working (I’m watching the Copa Libertadores final!).

  2. You did the right thing. I pasted the text because I’ve noticed the other comment (with the link) needed moderation.

    It’s a thrilling Copa Libertadores final.

    Fluminense 3-1 up now. It’s heading to extra-time (because they took out the away-goal rule). If that rule still counted, Fluminense would have been champions with this 3-1 (5-5 aggregate) by virtue of their 2 goals in Ecuador.

  3. Extra time? You’re kidding. I thought it still went straight to penalties (as it did when Boca lost to Once Caldas). If it goes on for another half hour I can’t stay up, I’m not feeling well as it is…

    Someone score please! Preferably Liga but as long as we get a winner in the next ten minutes, I’m not bothered!

  4. My apologies Seba, you’re right. We’re heading for extra time. Why can’t CONMEBOL stick to one set of rules for every round? Honestly…

    No way I can stay up for another half hour. Such a shame, I’ve enjoyed the game!

  5. You can’t ask for a sensible measure by conmebol. They surely are the worst federation in the world!

    Why do they play the entire tournament with the away-goal rule and they get rid of it in the final?

    How is that sensible? How does that make any sense?

    I’m sorry you’ll miss the extra-time. I’ll stay put, of course. But it’s only midnight here!

  6. i read those articles seba. very interesting. I always had a suspicion that Di Stefano was Irish he surely must be some relation to another great irish man with typical latin american flair Zinedine Kilbane.

  7. Can you please help me out with some info on Boca versus River Plate fixtures. I am visiting BA in Feb 09 2nd till 12th and I was told the season is closed then but that duing the close Boca and RP play “friendlies”. Is this true and are there any dates set yet.

    Many thanks,


  8. The Torneo de Verano matches won’t be held in Buenos Aires, Frank, and if you’ve only got ten days in Argentina then I really wouldn’t recommend going all the way to Mar del Plata for the sake of a match, even for a superclásico.

    Most of the pre-season will be done by then anyway, you might be in town for the first weekend of the Clausura. That’ll give you a choice (in the Gran Buenos Aires area) of River vs. Colón, Huracán vs. San Martín (T), Lanús vs. Racing, Argentinos vs. Arsenal, Independiente vs. Velez, or if you fancy a trip on a little toytown train forty minutes or so to the north of BA, Tigre vs. San Lorenzo. If you feel like making it out to La Plata, Estudiantes will be at home to Central.

    The exact date for these hasn’t been confirmed yet but I’d expect it to be the first or second weekend in February.

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