A second home

\'Hello? I\'d like to order a \'Teach Yourself Italian\' pack... the Arabic one didn\'t work out.\'
Hello? I'd like to order a 'Teach Yourself Italian' pack. I couldn't get the hang of the Arabic one...

Mauro Zárate is the latest addition to Lazio’s squad for the next season. The Roman club, who finished 12th in the 2007-2008 Serie A campaign, have signed former Vélez and Birmingham City striker Zárate on a season-long loan deal from the club who currently hold his registration, Qatari club Al-Sadd.

Zárate still refuses to look upon his move to Qatar as a bad one for his career, on account of the ‘great’ financial side of the deal, but accepted halfway into last season – his first with Al-Sadd – that from the footballing point of view, it wasn’t the best. To that end came a move to Birmingham City of the English Premier League, where he scored more than a few goals – several stunners included – but couldn’t do enough to help the club maintain their top-flight status, and thus it was clear they wouldn’t be able to afford the reported £20 million (US$40 million) price tag Al-Sadd had put on his head.

‘I’m anxious and really motivated to play at Lazio,’ Zárate told La Gazzetta dello Sport on Thursday. ‘On Saturday I’ll be in Rome to sign the contract and go take the medical tests. I know the fans are awaiting my arrival and for that reason, I hope to have a good season and that the team get great results.’ He’s making all the right noises already, isn’t he? Is there more, Mauro? Oh, yes. The old cliché. ‘For Argentines, Italy is like a second home,’ he added, going on to explain that ‘we’ve got a special relationship with Lazio.’ Indeed. He’ll be joining compatriots Augusto Fernández, recently signed from River Plate, and Cristián Ledesma. Oh, and Juan Pablo Carrizo, if his passport ever gets sorted…

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6 thoughts on “A second home

  1. He should have stayed at B’ham City – he’d have sen more first team football and McLeish is a hell of a manager and could have brought the best out in him. As it is, aviriderci

  2. I hope that he gets plenty of first team football, realises his potential and becomes the star player he should do. Although inevitable, sad to see him leave Birmingham – a very entertaining player. I’ll be proud he wore the Blue shirt!

  3. i dont get why he doesnt like to admit that qatar helped improve his skills and not just financially aided him… if it wasnt for qatar he never would have experienced the arab type of football… as you know in england the game is mostly about speed… in qatar it is a lot about communications and strategy… itlay is a bit of both and so qatar is actually benefiting him positively in his new move… he might not appreciate being seated as a sub but he did not actually give his best to alsadd… he slacked a lot and i think he had it coming… in birmingham he was giving a high percentage of what he had to offer and so he managed to succeed… i hope his rep see this message and i think that he should stop being so attackative towards alsadd because i believe that it was benefiting to him… also after he was put as a sub he managed to score during his first few minutes in the match against alrayyan… and how come he played amazingly during his final game with alsadd against algharaffa… he made the fans that supported him throughout the whole season in qatar qeustion his loyalty towards alsadd during his stay… your critics are your best friend they show you your faults and so i am a huge fan of zarate all through his time in velez sarsfield alsadd believe it or not and birmingham i hope him all the best but i want him to show a little gratitude towards alsadd and qatar… (i am not qatari he just upset me a lot with his un-greatfullness)…

  4. you know i agree with you he is an outstanding player however he is overly ungrateful towards qatar. winning a 20 million dollar deal regardless of the team puts a name out for you in the football world and so his reputation grew in the world but he lost the respect of many people and fans.

  5. now his move to italy might benefit his career than the move he made to qatar but qatar put him on the map… qatar made the world know Mauro Zarate… yeah playing for velez saresfield and scoring the winning goal for the u-20 world cup in canada was amazing but being priced at 20 million dollars, but al-sadd put him out there and made a name for him that many people would be amazed by just hearing his name since he was the most expensive deal so far in the middle east…

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