Summer holiday

A short announcement to inform you all that from now until the 28th / 29th of July, HEGS won’t be updated. I’m going on a summer holiday to Cuba for nearly two weeks, and with internet access being slow (and heavily restriced) there, I shan’t even be attempting to update the site. Holidays, after all, are not about doing work. I realise no updates at all won’t be much fun for regular reader, so there are a couple of posts scheduled to go online in the next week or so, but there won’t be any news updates, obviously. For transfer news, I’d point you towards the comments section of the transfer page. I don’t like to the leave the site totally down for such a long time, but the fact that I’ve got to is the reason I’m taking this holiday outside of the football season, so I hope readers don’t mind.

Whilst I’m away, there will of course be no-one to approve your comments if you include links in them, so try and avoid that if you can, but please do comment – aside from anything else, I’ll be returning to England with absolutely no idea of what’s been going on, and I’ll need to catch up somehow! If any readers are off on their holidays, I wish you buen viaje, and whether you’re going anywhere or not, I hope to see you back here when I return. I’m travelling to the land which was fought for under the slogan this site’s title rips off, so all together now:


Che Diego
Che Diego

5 thoughts on “Summer holiday

  1. Have a great time ! Damn, with you in Cuba and Seba in China there won’t be much quality around ! Hmmm…let’s see, you are in CUBA and Seba in CHINA…..COMMIES !!

  2. Unacceptable. Cancel your trip immediately.

    Kidding of course. Have a great time. You will be 90 miles from my hometown, the lovely isle of Key West.

  3. We, La Hinchada de HEGS, will all stop using internet entirely while Sam is gone. If there is no content worth viewing then we’ll abondon the entire network!

    (Well, maybe we’ll look at one or two girlie pics.)

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